Is This a Good Time to Find a New Job?


You’re tired of your current job, and you’re thinking about sprucing up your resume and applying for something new. But — is this a good time to find a new job?

It is! Read ahead to find out why.

Pandemic Bounce-Back

The 2020 pandemic caused millions of job losses — some of these were temporary losses, while others were permanent. Now that a portion of the population is vaccinated and social distancing mandates are over, the economy is showing clear signs of recovery.

The United States’ labor market is getting stronger after the long pandemic shakeup. As of May 2022, there were 11.3 million job openings available. The growth in job opportunities isn’t the only sign of recovery. There has also been growth in employment and payroll rates across the country.

Clearly, this is a convenient time to look for an exciting new job.

The Great Reshuffle

You’ve seen headlines about “the Great Resignation” for the past year, talking about how people are quitting their jobs left and right. This name gives the impression that workers are quitting their jobs and embracing unemployment. That’s not true at all.

A more accurate term for this workplace phenomenon is “the Great Reshuffle.” Workers aren’t quitting their jobs for no reason — they’re quitting because they’re finding better opportunities elsewhere. They’re still in the job market. They’re just finding positions that are more beneficial.

Many companies are noticing this trend and are making big changes. They’re now offering competitive wages, comprehensive employee benefits and remote work opportunities to attract candidates to their open positions.

So, if you find that your salary is barely enough to pay the bills or that your morning commute is too taxing, this could be the right time to look for a more attractive job.

How Can You Start the Job Hunt?

You’re convinced — this is a good time to look for a new job, just like 77% of all Americans are, according to Checkr. But how? Read these tips to jump-start your job hunt.

Update Your Resume

When was the last time you edited your resume? Was it years ago? Then, you need to update it. Add your latest employment opportunities and skills to the resume, and remove old, irrelevant information. And don’t forget to run it through an editing app to catch any grammatical errors before you send it out.

Use Recruiters

To find the right job, go to a professional recruitment agency. They will help you access incredible opportunities in your field.

For example, are you looking for a job in sales? Then, you should go to these sales recruiters in New York City to optimize your job search. This is New York’s fastest-growing sales recruitment firm when it comes to recruiting top B2B sales professionals. Their recruiters have been responsible for over 6,500 sales hires since they first opened the firm.

Keep Your Day Job

Don’t get overexcited and quit your current job. Your job search could take months, which is a lengthy amount of time to go without a steady income. The decision could also backfire and make it harder to find work since you will have a noticeable gap in your resume.

So, be patient and stick with your current job. It sounds counterintuitive, but it will help you with your job search.

It’s a good time to look for new job opportunities, so start looking now!


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