Lighting Ideas for Your New York City Apartment


When you’re on the hunt for an apartment in New York City, having plenty of light is sure to be towards the top of your list of requirements. While having a big, open space is not realistic for most, there’s no reason that your place needs to be dim and dreary either.

You’re probably wondering exactly which types of lighting would be best though. After all, there are so many categories out there, and not all will be a good fit in this area. Keep reading, because we’ve compiled a list of the best lighting ideas for an apartment in New York City!

Pendant Lights and Chandeliers

Both chandeliers and pendants will be hung from the ceiling, saving you valuable space. Most will also have an adjustable hanging length, allowing you to set things just right for your needs. Look for what’s called a dome pendant for placements such as over your kitchen island or dining room table, as they’ll provide a focused, even illumination.

If you’re not able or allowed to do a hardwired installation, there are also plug-in options for both chandeliers and pendant lights available on the market. These will come equipped with long cords (up to 15 feet is common) and guide hooks, allowing you to run the wire across your ceiling and then down the wall to an outlet.

Ceiling Lights

Wait, I thought we already covered that, you’re probably thinking. Where ceiling lights differ from pendant lights and chandeliers is that they are mounted flush, or very close to flush (known as semi-flush) to the ceiling. Look for these, particularly in recessed options, when you have a very low ceiling height.

Table Lamps

These are a great option because you can make a statement design-wise, and also limit the illumination provided to a small area, such as a desk. If you’re in a studio, having the ability to keep working late at night without disturbing your partner will be much appreciated by you both.

Wall Sconces

Installation can be a bit difficult (and should be done by a professional), but the benefits are well worth it. Sconces will give you a terrifically useful and beautiful, hardwired addition that can add real value to your apartment when it comes time to sell. There’s also the added benefit that they won’t take up any of your limited floor or table space.

Indoor String Lights

Twinkly string lights have a lot of use outside of the holidays! Incredibly versatile and cost-effective, these can really let your creativity flow as the possibilities for placement are practically endless. They’re a particularly great option if you don’t have a lot to spend and can’t make permanent changes to your place.

Wall and Floor Mirrors

Make your existing lighting more effective with carefully thought out placement of wall and floor mirrors. They’ll reflect light, making your home appear brighter and larger. You probably already have some, so reconsider where you have your mirrors placed and you can make a big change to your apartment’s appearance in just minutes!

Putting Them All Together

Now that you’ve got some ideas for lighting up your New York City apartment, it’s time to start your browsing with consideration to how they’ll all work together. Major home decor and lighting retailers like Stylish Direct will have plenty of all these for you to choose from.

You should also think about your budget, time, and the installation options you’re able to consider. While a chandelier may sound nice, are you actually allowed to install one? Is it too expensive? Maybe a stylish table lamp matched with a trendy mirror would be better for your home while also giving you more function for your dollar.

Whatever you decide, with careful planning you’re sure to add both style and utility to your limited living space. Enjoy the process of searching, there’s a practically unlimited amount of options out there so you can really have a lot of fun with everything!

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