Most Common Reasons Why Cockroaches Increase During Summer Time


The sight of a cockroach is enough to send a shiver down most people’s spines. These comparatively small creatures are extremely tough, they are believed to be one of the few living things on the planet that could survive a nuclear blast and have been in existence for 300-350 million years.

Of course, the real issue with cockroaches is the diseases they carry. They live in filth and walk through decaying waste, feces, and other delightful items. While doing this they pick up a variety of diseases that they can then pass onto you.

If you see them in your home then it’s a good idea to get your local pest control experts to assess and take care of the issue.

Cockroaches Increase During The Summer Months

Although cockroaches are very hardy, the simple truth is that they love the heat. However, while they like it warm, they prefer to avoid direct sunlight. Combine this with the fact that you are outside enjoying the sunshine and your home becomes a very attractive spot for them to visit.

The warmth actually increases their metabolic rate and encourages them to mate. That gives you the two main reasons that more cockroaches appear in the summer months:

1. Warmth

Cockroaches tend to hide during the day to avoid the direct sunshine. But the increased warmth boosts their metabolism and gets them looking for food and reproductive opportunities. However, despite liking the warmth, the summer generally dries things out, making it harder for the cockroach to get comfortable.

Instead, they head for damp spots, such as your bathroom near a sink. This gives them the humidity and heat they love.

2. Babies

If you start noticing a lot of small cockroaches in your home then you need to click here and get help. The warmer weather and increased metabolisms encourage the cockroaches to mate. At the beginning of the summer, there will be an influx of new cockroaches. These combine with the ones coming out of winter hibernation and you’ll notice a lot more cockroaches around.

Dealing With Cockroaches

The first step in beating cockroaches is to keep your house as dry as possible. Obviously, the climate and the way you live means some moisture is unavoidable. However, you should make sure there are no leaking taps or pipes and use a dehumidifier to minimize moisture.

Alongside this, it is essential you keep all food sealed in containers and regularly clean your sides and floors. This removes food debris which attracts cockroaches and many other pests. By eliminating this, your home will be less appealing.

Don’t forget to keep the waste away from your home, this will help to keep the cockroaches away.

You should also have your home regularly inspected by the pest control experts. They will identify any issues and help you deal with them. In addition, they can help you seal up gaps and other places where cockroaches and other pests may enter. Prevention is generally better than cure.


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