Most Iconic Buildings of New York City


New York is widely regarded as the city of modern marvels. It’s a place where dreams are made of and where you can find some of the greatest buildings of the world. The many designed compositions stand proud and attract engineers, journalists, tourists and architects from all over the globe. Some of these buildings are historical, obscure units representing a whole different era in the rich past of the Big Apple. Others are architecture marvels that make New York New York. Below is a list of must-see buildings in the city.

New York’s Most Iconic Buildings 

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Location: 350, Fifth Ave, New York

Empire State Building is a structure you will find in most photos and postcards from New York. It was built in 1930 and held the title of the tallest building in the world for 40 years (a record).

When it was built, the Empire State Building failed to capture buyers for office or residential space. Soon, people started calling it the ‘Empty State.’ The structure was not to blame because America was going through the Great Depression. When visitors started asking for tickets to get to the top and enjoy the views, the building came back to life. You can visit the on-site office to buy tickets for the observation deck.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Location: 1071 Fifth Avenue, Upper East Manhattan, New York

The Guggenheim is a famous museum in New York. It was built to display the most famous artists of that time (in 1937). Frank Lloyd Wright, a gifted Architect, gave everything to his last major work and received international accolades for The Guggenheim. Today, Guggenheim hosts some memorable art from around the world. Both the museum and its art are cherished by New Yorkers and a global visiting crowd.

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building

Location: 405, Lexington Ave, New York

The Chrysler Building is a highly prominent landmark of New York City. It is recognized by people from around the world and found in most pictures, alongside the Empire State Building. Built in the 1930s in art deco style, it also offered an observation deck that was closed after 1945. The 40 Wall Street Building was being constructed at the same time as Chrysler, both competing for the world’s tallest. The architect hid a long metal spire in the Chrysler summit. After the 40 Wall Street was announced as the tallest, the spire was raised to the skies. Chrysler Building then became the world’s tallest building but for little less than a year. Empire State Building soon stole the title.

Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building

Location: 175 Fifth Avenue

Daniel Burnham built the Fuller Building or Flatiron. It introduced a turning point in the construction methods in New York City, a truly iconic building. It was one of the first structures in the City to use steel frames. You can spot the curved façade of the Flatiron when on Fifth Avenue. The ground floor contains the Flatiron Prow Art Space, where many artists display their finest work. You can appreciate the abnormal construction of this structure from the Prow.

Rockefeller Plaza

Rockefeller Plaza

Location: Between 48th and 51st Streets

Rockefeller Plaza was envisioned and commissioned by the Rockefeller Family in the 1930s. It has been revamped and restructured over the years. The original 14 buildings made in Art Deco style still grace the structure. This towering landmark also displays seasonal decorations that attract tourists all year round. A giant Christmas tree and skating rink are fond memories of every New Yorker and tourist and Rockefeller Center.

Hearst Tower

Hearts Tower

Location: 300 West 57th Street on Eighth Avenue, near Columbus Circle.

The Hearst Tower joins the many communication companies of Hearst Corporation. The building itself is a mirror of the history and construction styles of the 20th century. The symmetrical edges are visible from afar, sitting atop the distinct stone base of this building.

You can enjoy this construction from inside the Hearst building’s Cafe57. It is a great spot to enjoy the City views while sipping a warm cup of coffee.

United Nations Secretariat

Location: 405 E, 42nd St

The United States Building is technically not a New York Building, and even the US does not have jurisdiction on it. It is situated on the isle of Manhattan and is built like a sleek rectangular structure. Architects from around the world helped to make the secretariat, in true UN spirit.

One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center

Location: 285, Fulton St, New York

The One World Trade Center is one of the most recent high structures of New York. This shiny tower has a very fond place in every American’s heart. After the gruesome tragedy of 9/11, this tower was built as a new hope for love and peace. Visitors can see the structure and remember those who lost their lives at WTC. You can view the panoramic view of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Empire State Building.

The Woolworth Building

Location: 233, Broadway, New York

The Woolworth Building was built in 1912. It is a National Historic Landmark, a place you must visit in New York because of its exceptional history. The self-made millionaire Frank Woolworth, owner of a thousand retail stores, made this building. It is built in a Gothic fashion and was once called the ‘cathedral of commerce.’ Today, it is an office building, and some of the top floors are offered for sale as penthouses to the rich.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower

Location: 1 Madison Avenue Manhattan, New York City

Built in 1909, this building remained the top skyscraper of the world for four years. The Metropolitan Insurance Company Tower is one of the most famous buildings in New York City.

The most highlighted feature of this building is a large four-dial clock. This clock is the largest and most intricate of its kind in the world. The clock is bigger than good old Big Ben, which is located in London. It has been repurposed into a luxury hotel called the New York Edition Hotel.

The Vessel

The Vessel

Location: The Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards, New York

The Vessel is probably the most-Instagrammed structure in New York City today. It is a spiral staircase where you can climb and take pictures. Heatherwick Studio created this iconic structure to provide a new and futuristic view to visitors and tourists in the City. When you climb up, you can get a beautiful view of New York, the river and beyond. For tickets, you can visit the on-site registration office after 9:30 AM throughout the week. Conclusion

The transformation of New York City is always fascinating, as you can see new buildings being designed and set up every week. Along with the art, the architecture, the culture, and the happenings, these are the things that make people want to visit this city. Visiting around Christmas is a good idea since the whole city lights up during that time. That being said, let us know which of these buildings you plan to visit as you make your way to one of the world’s most popular cities.

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