New York Travel Tips That Everyone Should Know


If you frequently visit New York City, you have likely learned a few tricks on how to navigate the city with ease. From determining how to navigate the city to learning local terms, there are many NYC travel tips that will make your trip easier. Many of these tips are popular among seasoned travelers who visit the Big Apple regularly, while others provide new travelers with the knowledge they need to give their trip an extra boost. Keep reading to learn about a few of the most common tips and tricks for navigating this bustling city.

1. Store Your Luggage When You Arrive

If you are visiting New York for the first time, you will likely find yourself with many bags in tow. It can be tough to navigate the city with luggage in tow, particularly if your hotel is far away from where you plan on exploring. In addition, you will likely have to wait a few hours to check into a hotel. A great way to cut down on how much luggage you need to carry around with you is by storing it with a company like Bounce.

2. Learn When to Use Taxis Vs. Public Transportation

One of the most difficult parts about visiting New York for the first time is getting used to how big this city truly is. In any major city, taxis are typically a popular way to get around. This is certainly the case with taxi cabs in Manhattan. If you have never been to this particular city before, you may want to know how to determine whether you should use a taxi cab or the subway system.

The subway system has an app that helps you understand how easy it is to get to your desired destination by train. If the app shows an easy way to get to your destination, opt for that because it is much more affordable. If there is no straightforward route, opt to hop in a taxi. Public transportation is great, but in some cases it can be quite time consuming. If you are pressed for time, the taxi system is the best choice.

3. Find Interesting Tourist Destinations

There are certain attractions in New York City that tend to be popular among visitors, but not necessarily the most interesting. Shopping in Times Square and checking out the Statue of Liberty are some of the common activities that people participate in. If you plan on seeing these attractions, try to visit them early in the day. In addition, it is important to examine which of these attractions is actually of interest to you and which is just an item to check off your list.


New York is a massive city that can be difficult to navigate. Fortunately, there are many travel tips that will make your trip easier. By using the subway system in certain circumstances you can avoid costly cab fare. Understanding the importance of visiting popular attractions early in the day or outside of peak hours to ensure that you get the best experience possible is very useful. By using these tips, you can have an incredible experience.

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