Personalized mugs – A gift that you should consider for all occasions


If you have not decided yet what you should gift your clients and employees during the holidays, you may consider giving them personalized coffee mugs. Customized coffee mugs are pretty versatile and can be excellent gifts for any situation. Whether it is a corporate gift, a personal gift or just to show someone you can the choice is ideal. However, they are best suited for official gifts, and you should give them to people to make them happy. This article shall outline why you must gift customized mugs and how you can make the customization appropriate.

Why should you gift a coffee mug?

There are several reasons why you may choose to give a coffee mug. These are as follows:

Everyone loves mugs

The best reason to give coffee mugs as gifts is for the simple fact that these are pretty versatile. Everyone will be happy to get a new coffee mug. These mugs are quite useful and are great for both work and home. One can use it all the time to take both hot and cold drinks. Your employees would love to have a personalized company mug at their homes.

Mugs are not just affordable but also thoughtful gifts

Another reason for which you should gift coffee mugs is that these are pretty impressionable on the recipient. This gift will highlight that you are thoughtful and considerate of their desires. It is also quite affordable, and hence, you may choose to order customized mugs because you will cut out needless expenditure. The mugs will still send out the right message to people whom you want to impress.

It is fun to customize mugs

When you want to order a personalized coffee mug, you will get the chance to choose specifically what you want. You may select any photo, text, and design for the mugs. You can be sure that this will appeal to the recipient. You may also personalize the mug to represent the ideal qualities of the recipient. You have an endless amount of possibilities when you are choosing personalized coffee mugs.

You can also order customized and personalized tumblers and water bottles. Mugs are great in the office and at home. Of course, these have other uses also and are quite cheap if you order them in bulk. Remember that you can also use these coffee mugs for advertising purposes and promotional activities.

How do you personalize the mug?

Personalizing the coffee mug is a simple process. However, it may seem overwhelming, but there are not many steps involved in the process. In the following section, we outline these steps for your convenience.

Step 1: Locate the right image or photo

You may consider using the photo of the recipient, his family, or loved ones, or you may choose a stock image from the internet. Remember that the picture needs to be appealing and serve the primary purpose of making the recipient happy. You may select an image that symbolically represents the traits of the recipient.

Step 2: Modifying the image

You will need to modify the image according to the size and shape of the mug. You should also consider the color of the mug when you are choosing the photo. Finally, you can add other elements like the names of the recipients on the image and complete the design for the customization.

Step 3: Printing out the image

Once you have modified the image, then you should print it out. You can choose a regular printer for this purpose, but get the printing on the decay sheets. You will need to let the image dry after the printing process completes. Finally, you should trim the photo so that it can fit the mug.

Step 4: Clean your mug and then stick the photo

You should clean the mug carefully so that the image can properly stick on it. You may use detergents for this purpose. Ensure that there are no stains. Sticking the image can be tricky, but you should ideally use a washbasin to stick the image on the mug. Ensure that there are no air spaces as you curl the photo while it sticks on the side of the mug. You should use tissue paper to wipe off the excess water.

Step 5: Let the photo and the mug dry

You should allow the mug to dry for about 3 hours and then keep it in the oven to harden the decay. Finally, store the mug for a day so that the image ultimately sets in on it.

You can also consider going to professional companies that personalize coffee mugs. You can search for buy personalized mugs Canada on the internet to get some great suggestions from such companies.

Giving personalized mugs can be an excellent idea for all occasions. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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