Popular Interior Design Styles of the 2000s

The 2000s: started with the Y2K hype, the iPod and MP3 revolution, the rise of Hip-hop, the advent of social frenzy, and many other pop trends. The opening decade of the new millennium had its own trove of fads that made it iconic. Despite such, we have to be honest that the 2000s weren’t as memorable when it comes to top-notch and innovative designs, compared to the previous decades.

It doesn’t mean that there aren’t any popular home trends from this period. After all, all decades have their interior designing hits and misses. Let’s focus on the former, though! From the Tuscan-style decor, open floor plans, to craftsman’s designs, here are the popular interior design styles of the 2000s, that will bring in that positive aughts nostalgia.

Tuscan-style Kitchen

The 2000s saw the rise of Tuscan-style kitchens mainly because of their comfort, functionality, and nonchalant simplicity. Inspired by natural elements, it featured marble floors, crumbling stone walls, dated iron accessories, bronze finishes, brass faucets  and sturdy, dark hardwood found on windows, beans, and archways. The dominant color was brown, seen nearly everywhere. The style just exudes effortless luxury, no surprise it rose in popularity in the early part of the decade, as well as in its later years.

Open Floor Plans

Most homes today have an open kitchen. Well, we can attribute that change to the 2000s when many people removed the walls separating the kitchen from the surrounding areas, such as the living room and the dining room. What’s left is an entire big room, with different sections boasting a certain layout but seemingly unites, bringing everyone together in one great spot.

Nautical-inspired Decor

Beach people had a great time in the decade with the rise of nautical-inspired decors, making them feel closer to oceans and seas. Homes were furnished with anchors, ropes, seashells, wooden pieces, blue-striped fabrics, and other ornaments depicting ships. Though it wasn’t clear where this trending style originated, these nautical accents became pretty cool and charming additions to homes.

String Lights

String flights were widely used in the ‘00s to adorn ceilings and walls of home offices, living rooms, and bedrooms. People also used them to accentuate the beauty of other decorative pieces, such as plants, table centerpieces, bookshelves, and even placed inside empty wine bottles to create a new ornament.

No doubt, the relaxing lighting and subtle amount of illumination were just well-loved in the decade. Outdoor living spaces were no exception. From patios, backyards, to gazebos, string lights became equally wonderful.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Banking on its unique charm and timeless appeal, oil-rubbed bronze became a popular alternative to the omnipresent and classic brass. It was used on cabinet knobs, food knobs, bathroom, showers, and kitchen hardware, only in small doses, but its patina surely gave 2000s’  homes a chic feel.

Granite Countertops

Today, you can choose from different top surfaces like quartz, recycled glass, soapstone, concrete, and marble. In the 2000s, granite was the domineering material and was widely used on countertops, and even on Islands and backsplashes. Commonly in colors beige, gray, and black, granite was matched with wooden cabinetry and became a standard in the decade.

Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds had their short period of incredible fame in the ‘00s. It wasn’t Santa who initiated this trend, but formal bed frames weren’t in just yet when these became a fad. True enough, the craze gradually died down as sleeker, contemporary bed styles were soon introduced.



Ferns are maintenance-heavy and unwieldy. They also drop leaves everywhere, unlike the no-maintenance, easily dust-able faux plants that became an interior design trend in the ‘90s. Nevertheless, they found their way into people’s homes and became widely popular in the 2000s.

Dark wooden Furniture

Naturally textured, heavy, dark wood furniture finished with a glossy luster became a demand in the 2000s. They were used in oversized, dark living rooms whose focal point is the TV, bringing in the theater experience right in the comfort of the people’s homes sans paying the hefty costs when visiting the local multiplex.

Stainless Steel Appliances

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Stainless steel appliances were a staple in the decade. From microwaves to ovens, freezers, and refrigerators, kitchens won’t just be complete without the metallic shine.

While there was a scare about the Y2K bug when the new millennium arrived, it also signaled that people had already stepped into a new era. Stainless steel appliances served as physical reminders of the rapid technological advancements and reflected the promise the future held during that time.

Apart from that, changing gender roles in the homes also became rampant in the decade. Kitchens once designed for stay-at-home wives soon catered men. Femininity in the kitchen was shattered and couples started sharing tasks. Being gender-neutral, stainless steel appliances were just a perfect match to mirror the changing views of society.

Final Words

The 2000s still have its own share of popular interior design trends. While they may not be as iconic, they are still unique and bring memories of a decade that may still feel like just yesterday. Look out as you may even have some of them in your home.