Problems Of Leaf Blowing


Leaf blowing is the act of removing dead leaves, debris, and other unwanted plant materials from the surrounding using a leaf blower. It is similar to using a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from the floor of our rooms.

Moreover, as simple and advantageous as this might seems; it can also involve a lot of stress and problems which we are going to look into today.

Problems of leaf blowing

Getting the best leaf blowers

There are a lot of companies producing leaf blowing machines and it is extremely difficult to choose a certain product to be used without making proper research and in some cases, recommendations from websites such as might be necessary.

Some of these products might be electric, battery-powered, or the common gas-powered leaf blowers. So, you need to compare and contrast divergent products to select the one that fits your needs.


Many leaf blowers make a lot of noise especially gas-powered leaf blowers and this might be harmful to the user’s hearing and might be inconvenient for some other people. To reduce noise pollution, it is highly advised you select battery-powered or electric leaf blowers if they can meet up your requirements.

Emission of fumes

This is a major effect of using gas-powered leaf blowers. They emit toxic fumes that do not just endanger people’s lives but also contribute to environmental degradation. It is not carbon-free like electric and battery-powered leaf blowers.

Cost of maintenance

To ensure the longevity and productivity of your machine, then it must be adequately maintained. Lack of proper maintenance will lead to the eventual breakdown of your leaf blower. Depending on the type of leaf blowers you have, the cost of maintenance will increase.

Area to be blown

This may be also considered in terms of the area covered by the leaves and how spacious the place is. It is very difficult to blow leaves in tight places especially for newbies and requires a bit of professionalism to get the desired result. Handling the leaf blower and your positioning count.


As stated earlier, leaf blowing might look easy and probably anybody can blow. Moreover, not everyone can make the process look perfect or faster. Inexperience might make you get tired of blowing easily since you will take more time than usual. You should try to learn more about some techniques used to blow leaves to upgrade your skills.

So, leaf blowing can be fun for people that have gotten used to the process but a little tedious for starters. “Practice makes perfect,” they say, you should continue putting in more efforts to remove unwanted leaves from your surroundings especially in your garden even if you are not getting it right for now. In no time, you will also become a pro in the act and you can even offer your service to others to earn some extra bucks.

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