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All kinds of games are available on the market today, from space adventures to post-apocalyptic shooters. Where do all these games, which are becoming more and more fascinating and realistic every year, come from? All this is possible thanks to game developers. A game developer may be a single person or a group of people, as well as it can be a company with a staff of only a few people to several thousand. Gamedev is responsible for code development, visualization, and game concept for PCs, mobile phones, consoles, and other gadgets, choosing the means and tools for the task at hand.

Who works in the company?

A game development company may develop its own games or help third parties create their own masterpieces. In other words, they provide outsourcing services. This company is in charge of recruiting all the necessary staff and assembling a crew to meet the customer’s requirements. The team may consist of:

  • a project or product manager;
  • a producer;
  • game designers;
  • concept artists;
  • animators;
  • developers;
  • scriptwriters;
  • narrative designers;
  • sound designers;
  • VFX designers;
  • 3D-riggers;
  • testers;
  • and other IT specialists.

iLogos Game Studios is one such company. They can handle any game. From concept to the game’s final result, iLogos is at your side. All thanks to almost twenty years of experience in the industry.

How many people does it take to make a game?

When the first home computers and game consoles appeared, just one developer could handle nearly all the tasks involved in developing a game. Those days are long gone. Developing modern games involves a wide range of skills and supporting staff. For example, the first PlayStation console game could be completed by a team of 10 people in one year, PlayStation 2 required a team of 30-50 people and two years of development. In 2012 it took a team of over 100 developers and a period of about three years. Today, large teams of more than 500 or 1,000 people could work on a single project. The number of people will depend on the type of game that is being developed.

What kind of games are there?

All game development projects can informally be divided into three groups: triple-A, commercial (for example, casual, mid-core games), and indie projects. The number of industry experts developing games depends on the complexity and type of game.

AAA class products. High-budget computer games designed for a large audience, require high costs. An average of 500 to 1,000 or more people may work on a single project.

Commercial games. Casual and mid-core games, mostly free-to-play projects. One project can require from 15-20 to 100-300 people in total.

Indie games. These are computer games created by a single developer or a small team without the financial support of a computer game publisher. Such a game can be developed by 10 to 50 people.


The outsourcing of game development has been on the rise lately. Even large companies are outsourcing their projects to other companies. It’s an easy decision to make as long as you’re sure that the game development company is reliable, will pick the best experts to create your game, will keep you informed on the project, and definitely won’t let you down.

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