Relax and Rejuvenate – The Top Benefits of Staying in a Hotel with a Jacuzzi


Having a hotel with a jacuzzi offers a multitude of benefits, both from a guest’s perspective and from a hotel’s operational standpoint. These luxurious amenities can significantly enhance the overall experience for guests, while also contributing to the hotel’s reputation, marketability, and profitability. Below, we delve into the various advantages of incorporating a jacuzzi into a hotel’s offering.

What is A Jacuzzi? 

The Jacuzzi brand, originating in 1915 by the Jacuzzi family, has become emblematic of luxury hot tubs and hydrotherapy products. Known for its innovative integration of air and water jets to provide a massaging effect, Jacuzzi has redefined relaxation and comfort in home spa experiences. While the term is often used generically to describe any hot tub with similar features, it specifically refers to the high-quality products manufactured by the Jacuzzi company​​.

Guidelines for Safe Jacuzzi Use by Children – Age Limits and Precautions

Determining the safe age for children to use a jacuzzi involves considering various safety precautions due to the risks hot tubs can pose, such as overheating and the potential for accidents. The general consensus is that children under the age of five should not use hot tubs. This guideline is based on the fact that younger children have underdeveloped thermoregulation mechanisms, making them more susceptible to overheating. Moreover, their thinner skin can cause them to overheat much faster than adults or older children.

  • For children who are five years old and above, it’s crucial to implement several safety measures to ensure their well-being while using a jacuzzi. This includes supervising them at all times, ensuring they can stand in the hot tub with their head fully above water, and keeping the water temperature at a safer level, ideally below 98°F, to prevent overheating. Limiting their time in the hot tub to shorter intervals, such as 5 to 15 minutes, and ensuring they stay hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids can also help mitigate risks.
  • It is advisable to have children’s hair tied back to prevent it from getting caught in filters or drains and considering the use of life vests for added safety. When the jacuzzi is not in use, securing it with a sturdy cover and possibly installing a childproof fence around it can prevent unsupervised access.

These guidelines and precautions are aimed at providing a safe and enjoyable jacuzzi experience for children who are old enough, while also emphasizing the importance of constant adult supervision and adherence to safety measures to prevent accidents and health issues related to hot tub use​​​​​​​​.

Top Benefits of Using Jacuzzi

1. Enhanced Guest Experience

Ultimate Relaxation

Imagine stepping into a warm, bubbling jacuzzi after a day filled with activities or meetings. The heat envelops you, loosening tight muscles and calming your mind. The jets target knots and tension spots with precision, offering a massage-like experience that soothes the body and soul. This serene moment isn’t just about physical relaxation; it’s a mental escape, a brief retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Hotels that offer jacuzzi facilities provide this luxurious sanctuary, where guests can find peace and tranquility. Whether it’s a private jacuzzi in your room or a communal one with stunning views, the experience elevates your stay, turning it into a memorable, rejuvenating getaway.

Health Benefits

The benefits of a jacuzzi extend far beyond mere relaxation. The combination of hot water and massage jets creates a therapeutic environment that can have significant health advantages. For those suffering from chronic conditions like arthritis, the buoyancy of the water reduces pressure on joints, offering pain relief and increased mobility. The heat from the jacuzzi water promotes blood circulation, which aids in the healing of muscles and accelerates the recovery process after physical exertion. Furthermore, the stress-relieving properties of a jacuzzi session can contribute to better sleep patterns. The drop in body temperature after leaving the warm water can signal the body that it’s time to rest, leading to deeper, more restorative sleep. For health-conscious travelers or those looking to unwind and detoxify, a hotel jacuzzi can be a pivotal feature in choosing their accommodation.

Year-Round Attraction

One of the most significant advantages of jacuzzis over traditional swimming pools is their year-round appeal. While pools might be off-limits during colder months, a jacuzzi’s warm embrace is inviting no matter the season. This makes jacuzzis particularly appealing in regions where temperatures can vary drastically throughout the year. In winter, there’s something magical about being enveloped in the steamy warmth of a jacuzzi while surrounded by a chilly air or even snow-covered landscapes. In warmer climates, evenings can be the perfect time to enjoy a relaxing soak under the stars. For hotels, this means the allure of their jacuzzi doesn’t wane with the changing seasons. It remains a constant, enticing feature that can draw guests looking for a relaxing escape at any time of the year. Offering a jacuzzi can thus ensure a steady flow of guests seeking the unique experience of outdoor bathing in comfort, regardless of the weather conditions.

A Woman with Sunglasses Relaxing in a Jacuzzi

2. Competitive Edge

Market Differentiation

In the crowded hospitality market, standing out is crucial. Offering a jacuzzi can be a game-changer for hotels aiming to differentiate themselves from competitors. This luxurious amenity signals to potential guests that your establishment prioritizes comfort, wellness, and exclusive experiences. For many travelers, the presence of a jacuzzi can be the deciding factor, tipping the scales in your favor when they’re choosing between multiple options. It’s not just about the physical comfort provided by the jacuzzi but also the perceived value of enhanced relaxation and pampering during their stay. By integrating jacuzzis into your hotel’s amenity offerings, you’re not just selling a room; you’re selling an experience, one that’s memorable and distinct from the standard hotel stay. This can significantly bolster your hotel’s appeal to those seeking a touch of luxury and indulgence in their accommodations.

Enhanced Online Presence

In today’s digital age, a hotel’s online presence can be as impactful as its physical one. Hotels that feature jacuzzis prominently in their online imagery and descriptions tend to create a more enticing virtual showcase. High-quality, appealing photos of jacuzzi facilities can evoke a sense of luxury and relaxation, capturing the imaginations of potential guests scrolling through hotel options. By highlighting jacuzzi amenities on your website, social media channels, and in online marketing materials, you can engage and attract a wider audience. Engaging content, such as guest testimonials about their jacuzzi experiences or tips for enjoying the facility, can further enhance your online visibility and appeal. This digital allure is crucial in converting online browsers into actual guests, making your hotel’s jacuzzi facilities a focal point of your online marketing strategy.

Higher Room Rates and Occupancy

The allure of a jacuzzi can significantly influence a guest’s willingness to pay a premium for their stay. Rooms and suites equipped with private jacuzzis are often viewed as high-tier accommodations, allowing hotels to command higher prices for these exclusive amenities. The luxury and privacy offered by a personal jacuzzi create a compelling value proposition for guests, particularly those celebrating special occasions or seeking a romantic getaway. This perceived value not only justifies higher room rates but can also boost overall occupancy rates, as guests are drawn to the unique experience such rooms offer. The result is a direct positive impact on the hotel’s revenue per available room (RevPAR) and its bottom line. Moreover, the presence of jacuzzis can enhance a hotel’s overall brand, allowing it to market itself as a premium destination, which can attract a more affluent clientele and further increase profitability.

3. Social and Recreational Hub

  • Fostering Social Interactions: A communal jacuzzi acts as more than just a place for relaxation; it becomes a melting pot of cultures and stories, where guests from various backgrounds converge. The warm, inviting waters of a jacuzzi naturally encourage guests to unwind and open up, making it easier to strike up conversations and share experiences. For solo travelers, this can be an invaluable aspect of their journey, providing a sense of community and connection even far from home. The casual, laid-back atmosphere of a jacuzzi area is conducive to forming new friendships, exchanging travel tips, or simply enjoying the company of fellow travelers. Hotels that provide these communal spaces are not just offering a place to stay; they’re crafting an environment where memories and connections are made, enriching the travel experience beyond the confines of a typical tourist itinerary.
  • Recreational Opportunities: Incorporating a jacuzzi into a hotel’s amenity offerings adds an extra layer of enjoyment for guests of all ages. Families find a safe and engaging space where children can play under the watchful eyes of their parents, who can also relax in the soothing waters. For couples, a jacuzzi offers a romantic setting to spend quality time together, whether under the stars or with a breathtaking view. The inclusion of such a facility can transform idle time into moments of joy and relaxation, making the stay more enjoyable and fulfilling. Beyond its obvious leisure benefits, a jacuzzi can also serve as a venue for special events and activities organized by the hotel, such as cocktail evenings or social mixers, adding a dynamic aspect to the guest experience. These recreational opportunities not only enhance the appeal of the hotel but also contribute to the overall satisfaction and enjoyment of the guests’ stay, making it more likely they’ll return or recommend the hotel to others.

Elderly Man in the Jacuzzi

4. Marketing and Promotions

Attractive Packages and Promotions

Hotels can leverage their jacuzzi amenities to craft enticing packages that cater to diverse guest preferences, significantly enhancing their marketing appeal. For instance, romantic getaway packages can include exclusive jacuzzi access, complemented by other romantic touches like champagne, chocolates, and rose petals. Wellness retreats can integrate jacuzzi sessions with spa treatments, yoga classes, and healthy dining options, appealing to those seeking a rejuvenating escape. By highlighting the jacuzzi as a centerpiece of these packages, hotels can tap into specific niches in the market, from couples seeking a romantic escape to individuals looking for a wellness-focused getaway. These targeted promotions not only drive bookings by offering unique experiences but also enhance guest satisfaction by providing tailored stays that meet specific desires and needs.

Positive Reviews and Word-of-Mouth

The enjoyment derived from jacuzzi facilities often translates into glowing guest reviews and enthusiastic word-of-mouth recommendations. Satisfied guests are more inclined to share their positive experiences on review platforms, social media, and personal interactions, serving as authentic and persuasive endorsements for the hotel. These firsthand accounts can be incredibly influential, as potential guests frequently rely on the opinions and recommendations of others when making their travel decisions. Positive mentions of jacuzzi amenities can highlight the hotel’s commitment to providing luxury and relaxation, making it more attractive to prospective guests. This organic form of marketing is not only cost-effective but also builds the hotel’s reputation as a destination that offers exceptional experiences, thereby driving future bookings and enhancing the hotel’s overall appeal in a competitive market.

5. Operational Considerations

Sustainability Options

In today’s environmentally conscious world, sustainability is more than just a buzzword; it’s a critical component of business operations, especially in the hospitality industry. Modern jacuzzi systems offer a range of energy-efficient and sustainable features that can help hotels minimize their environmental footprint while still providing luxurious amenities. Features such as low-energy pumps, LED lighting, and advanced filtration systems reduce the energy and water usage of jacuzzis, making them more eco-friendly. Additionally, some systems incorporate water recycling technologies, further enhancing their sustainability. By investing in these green technologies, hotels can appeal to the growing segment of eco-conscious travelers who prioritize sustainability in their accommodation choices. This not only demonstrates the hotel’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also aligns with global trends towards more sustainable travel experiences.

Health and Safety

The enjoyment and benefits of a jacuzzi come with a responsibility to maintain the highest standards of health and safety. Proper maintenance and regular checks are essential to ensure the water quality is up to standard, preventing the growth of bacteria and ensuring a safe environment for guests. This involves regular testing and balancing of water chemicals, thorough cleaning of the filters, and adherence to local health regulations. Hotels must also ensure that guests are informed about safe jacuzzi use, including recommended time limits for soaking and guidelines for children’s use. By diligently managing these health and safety aspects, hotels can assure guests of a safe and enjoyable experience. This not only protects the well-being of guests but also safeguards the hotel’s reputation by preventing any health-related incidents that could arise from improper jacuzzi maintenance.

Close-Up Shot of a Woman in a Jacuzzi Looking at Camera

Ten Hotels In New York City That Feature Jacuzzis

Here’s a list of 10 hotels in New York City that feature jacuzzis, offering a blend of luxury, comfort, and unique experiences:

  1. The William Vale: This trendy Williamsburg hotel is not just known for its contemporary architecture but also for its luxurious Vale Garden Residence suite. The suite boasts a 1,320-square-foot indoor space complemented by an expansive outdoor deck featuring an open-air hot tub, offering breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline​​.
  2. Dream Downtown: After a $1 million renovation, the GuestHouse at Dream Downtown emerged with a stunning glass-bottom hot tub, accessible year-round. This two-story penthouse suite also includes a private garden terrace, fireplace, and a host of exclusive services, making it a lavish retreat in downtown Manhattan​​.
  3. Baccarat Hotel and Residences New York: Situated in Midtown West, this ultra-luxurious hotel dazzles guests with its Baccarat crystals and includes amenities like an indoor pool and hot tub. The hotel’s opulence extends to offering a chauffeur service within a 15-block radius, ensuring a high-end, glamorous stay​​.
  4. The Greenwich Hotel: Owned by Robert De Niro, this Tribeca hotel exudes luxury with its 88 individually designed rooms and suites. For an intimate relaxation experience, the Superior King rooms include in-room soaking tubs, while the Shibui Spa offers a serene Japanese-style relaxation environment​​.
  5. The Iroquois New York: This boutique hotel near Bryant Park offers a mix of luxury and privacy with its nine suites featuring Kohler hot tubs. The suites also boast Italian marble bathrooms, ensuring a lavish soaking experience amidst the hustle and bustle of Midtown West​​.
  6. Kimpton Hotel Eventi: This Chelsea hotel provides a vibrant in-room experience with hot tubs in its residential suites. The Veranda Suite, for example, includes a large private terrace along with a twin-sink bathroom featuring a hot tub, blending luxury with functional design​​.
  7. Yotel New York: Known for its innovative design, Yotel offers a unique stay in Times Square with suites that include private terraces and outdoor tubs. The hotel’s modern amenities and central location make it an attractive choice for those seeking a blend of technology and comfort​​​​.
  8. Hotel Riu Plaza New York Times Square: This hotel stands out for its hydromassage bathtubs in the Presidential and Junior suites. Along with comfy king-size beds and vibrant decorative accents, these suites offer a soothing escape right in the heart of Times Square​​.
  9. Hilton Garden Inn New York Tribeca: The hotel’s friendly neighborhood vibe is complemented by its luxurious Penthouse suite, which features a whirlpool tub perfect for unwinding after a day in the city. The hotel’s location in Tribeca offers easy access to local boutiques and dining​​.
  10. Kimpton Muse Hotel: Situated in Midtown, the Kimpton Muse Hotel’s Spa Suite King Balcony offers a pampering experience with its in-room Jacuzzi and luxury bath amenities. The suite’s balcony provides stunning views of the New York City skyline, adding to the overall allure of the stay​​.

Each of these hotels provides a distinct experience, from the modern and tech-forward Yotel to the classic luxury of The Riu Plaza. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a wellness retreat, or simply a touch of luxury during your city exploration, these hotels with jacuzzis in NYC offer something special for every traveler.


Incorporating a jacuzzi into hotel amenities not only elevates the guest experience with relaxation and health benefits but also gives hotels a competitive edge. This feature can significantly attract and retain guests, positively affecting the hotel’s profitability. Given these advantages, investing in a jacuzzi is a strategic move for hotels looking to enhance their appeal and service in the competitive hospitality industry.

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