Remodeling ideas to give your kitchen a new look


Homeowners adore their little paradise. Whether it is getting decoration pieces for the living room, cozy bed sets, or sprucing up the kitchen – people want to keep their house updated. Instead of waiting for renovation calls, consider giving a makeover to the heart of your home – kitchen. Sooner or later, you would notice the cabinets, countertops, and shelves losing its shine as wear and tear are inevitable. After all, isn’t this the busiest place in the house? Here is the best Kitchen Design Perth you can try to revitalize the look of your kitchen. 

From the coffee you whip up to energize mornings to instant ramen you cook at night – the kitchen remains the center of attention. You can bring life by a fresh coat of paint, but this is not how kitchen remodeling works. It is time to replace old cabinets, countertops, appliances with new ones. Are you wondering how? Here are some remodeling ideas to give your kitchen the best color and modern look  .

1. Choose new cabinets 

Kitchen remodeling should focus on two things – the design and the feel of new products. Therefore, get your hands-on kitchen cabinets as they take most of the space in the kitchen. You have plenty of choices – solid colors, wooden cabinets, or ones with colorful doors. However, if you want a subtle look, stick to shiny white cabinets. The classic white face is not going out of style anytime soon, keeping your kitchen in a top-notch condition. If you are clueless about cabinet shopping, check out for best designs. After all, white kitchens are the new thing in 2020.

2. Style your shelves

At the time of kitchen remodeling, mind giving yourself a break from conventional designs. Open shelves or glass door cabinets can give your kitchen a new and aesthetic look. Remove all the clutter from shelves and start decorating your cutlery. Feel free to add some extra items – plants or flowers to enhance the visual appeal of shelves. Don’t you believe that all the fancy dishes and crockery deserve a showcase? As for the shelves, use neutral tones of wood to complement it with the overall design. Likewise, you can hang baskets with hooks on the shelves to add a touch of sophistication.

3. Indulge in luxe appliances 

Can you think of having a kitchen without an oven or fridge? Appliances play a crucial role in the kitchen, helping you get things done. Unfortunately, aging appliances can drain pockets without providing optimal efficiency. Hence, it is a great choice to update them after a few years. In this tech-savvy era, you can find multiple appliances to help you out with cooking. Alongside enhancing the kitchen interior, the new-age machines make your job straightforward. Here are some of the famous smart appliances.

i. Instant pot is the modern version of the pressure cooker. It can steam rice, make cakes, and cook food in minutes. Since we live in a digital era, this pot connects to Wi-Fi, letting you control temperature through a smartphone.

ii. Automatic pan stirrer could be a lifesaver if you are always running late. You can make recipes that need constant stirring quickly without any elbow grease.

iii. Arabic coffee servers are for coffee lovers who like their drink to be served hot and in a stylish way. Not only it solves the purpose of serving, but the beautifully designed servers will also add a fashion statement to your kitchen.

iv. Smart air fryer is for all health-conscious people who want to limit oil consumption. It pairs with the app, allowing you to cook more than 100 recipes by controlling its setting with Alexa.

4. Add an island 

Kitchen islands are a must-have in every contemporary home design. It occupies a focal point in your kitchen, meaning you have to keep it exclusive. Use natural stones like marble and granite to ensure durability while leaving a lasting impression on guests. When designing the island, match the height with seating you use. Similarly, add some electrical outlets to use appliances, charge smartphones, or plugin speakers if you like music. Besides, make sure the island fits the size of your kitchen, leaving enough space for foot traffic on every side.

5. Brighten up with lighting

Undoubtfully, you can’t make the kitchen look new with old lighting. So, why not combine convenience with beauty? Brighten up space with smart kitchen lights. Firstly, get some pendant lights above the island since task lighting is essential. You also need to get a new chandelier and hang it on the kitchen entrance, improving the aesthetic appeal. Similarly, pick different spots in the kitchen that you want to brighten up. If you don’t want high electricity bills with fancy lighting, opt for LED bulbs, and enjoy being eco-friendly.

6.  Add Window Films

When you plan to remodel your kitchen, light can change the complete view!  Curtains can block the sunlight and make the kitchen look dark. Don’t hesitate to take off the old curtains and add window films.  All you need to do is light it up again, keeping the privacy of the room!  The window film for day and night privacy will allow natural light to enter the kitchen and make it look brighter than ever!

Final thoughts

Every house deserves a makeover once in a while. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, updating knobs and hardware is not enough, especially if you want a new look. Put your savings on the table, invest in things won’t go out of fashion, and be creative with your choices. You can add a backsplash, wallpaper, yellow paint, or a great ceiling. After all, it is all about having a beautiful and practical kitchen. While you are planning your new kitchen I advise you to read this article about the ways to have a eco-friendly kitchen.

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