Revitalize Your Bathroom: 4 Creative Ideas for a Stylish and Functional Makeover


When undergoing a bathroom remodeling project, it is essential to determine the style aesthetics and functionality features. Keeping everything in mind ensures you get good value from the bathroom makeover that you can enjoy for a long time.

The average bathroom remodeling cost in Oklahoma City is $11,000, with most Oklahoma City homeowners spending between $6,600 and $16,400. As per Home Plan Renovation, a small-sized basic bathroom remodel can cost around $7,000 and depends on material quality, labor cost, bathroom size, and requirements.

Therefore, make sure that you plan and budget your bathroom renovation and redesign if you reside in Oklahoma City as per your requirements to enhance the functionality and the appeal. This guide will provide some creative ideas to help transform your bathroom into a comfortable, relaxing, yet stylish zone that meets the needs of everyone in the household. No matter how big or small your bathroom is, you can get creative with your plans and customize it as per your needs. Let’s look at four creative ideas to revitalize your bathroom:

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1. Replacing the shower

Showers can get old, worn out, and run out of style. There are many shower designs and styles to choose from that improve functionality, come with better and upgraded features, and ensure water conservation. In Oklahoma City, showers can cost around $150 to $1,500, depending on the kind of materials and the extent of replacement. Check out toilet bidet for more information.

However, there are plenty of Oklahoma City shower replacement experts, such as ZINTEX Remodeling Group, if you want professional and affordable services. You can choose from rain showers, curvy models, and hydro-massage showers to enjoy the best bathroom experience.

Once you have decided on the type of shower, select an attractive tile or stone material for the walls. This will provide your bathroom with a unique look and feel instantly.

2. Add Storage Space

There is nothing worse than a decluttered bathroom with bathroom accessories lying around. Organize your bathroom items by strategically installing shelves, cabinets, and drawers. Seamless and vertical cabinets do not make the storage spaces obvious, yet they do their job well.

Installing vanities with built-in drawers instead of open shelves lets you store your items neatly. These are best for storing personal care or makeup items if you use your bathroom to get ready. Alternatively, you can use them to store cleaning supplies, extra bath towels, and paper towels. Installing cabinets above the vanities and behind the mirror is also popular among homeowners of smaller houses and apartments, as it saves space.

Research suggests the demand for bathroom storage cabinets and subsequent sales will increase in the coming years. It will further improve the production of bathroom cabinets and drawers, delivering high-quality storage options in the market.

You can also install over-the-toilet shelves to store frequently used items within reach. It can be vertically built inside the wall for a more seamless look.

Similarly, add a shower ledge or niche to place your bath essentials instead of shower caddies that can easily break. It ensures an easy approach and creates functional storage.

3. Set a Theme and Color Scheme

Setting a theme for your bathroom can set the tone of the place and tie everything together. If you love and live on the beach, you can create a beach-inspired theme with tropical blues or seashell-shaped decorations. If the houses face the beach, install wide open windows to welcome the warm beach air and install matching curtains that reflect light. You can also choose a shower curtain to act as a focal point.

Alternatively, creating a modern bathroom would entail a theme of black-and-white tiles or marble effect with modern fixtures and geometric-print accessories. A modern bathroom would include a sleek and minimalist vanity with wall art, rugs, and towel racks. For a sophisticated look, consider neutral color palettes with a pop of contrasting colors to highlight specific areas of the bathroom.

To create a calm and comforting vibe, opt for greens and blues, or go bold and bright with saturated colors like yellow for a more sophisticated look to make a statement.

Consider the size of your bathroom when selecting color palettes. Light and hazy hues create the illusion of a larger bathroom, which would work perfectly in small bathrooms. Natural and artificial lighting also plays a part in the bathroom’s appearance. Therefore, choose colors that go with the lighting.

A large bathroom with a combination of dark, bright, and dull colors can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. You can install pops of lights on the walls for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

4.Install Wall Tiles

Bathroom wall tiles are gaining traction in the market as they are water-resistant, durable, and require low maintenance.

Floor-to-ceiling tiles can add a dramatic effect with a standalone piece of wall art and a stylish pendant without overwhelming the design scheme. Tiles would look great for shower walls and behind the tub, where water splashes are frequent. It would be easier to clean and maintain regularly than plaster walls.

A chandelier would further compliment plain floor-to-ceiling tiles, reflecting the light and creating a warm ambiance. You can choose warm tile colors to go with the lighting. However, make sure to balance the natural and artificial lighting for optimal appeal. And if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, consider using unevenly shaped wall tiles for a contemporary look. The options are endless.


Bathrooms deserve stylish yet functional makeovers like the rest of the house. Ensure your bathroom remodeling project includes shower replacement, as they can get old and worn out over time.

Moreover, add storage spaces by installing sleek vertical cabinets, vanity draws, above-the-toilet cabinets, and shower ledge to minimize clutter. Also, remember to set a theme and color scheme to set the tone of the bathroom. Your theme may dictate the color palette and other décor. Lastly, install wall tiles as they are water resistant and low maintenance. At the same time, balance the natural and artificial lighting for an aesthetically pleasing look.

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