Rooms for Rent in New York City: Expectations v/s Reality


New York City! The city of dreams, the world’s capital, and the setting for our beloved movies watched on UWatchfree and TV shows. Everyone dreams of arriving in this dreamland to have a chunk of its magic.

Every day thousands of people move to this city in search of opportunities or to pursue their dreams.

Everyone expects a life here that they crave based on their favorite movie or tv show, as portrayed in the popular TV show ‘FRIENDS.’ However, the expectations of the heart always exceed the realities of the world.

Finding rooms for rent in New York City is not difficult but finding the place of your dreams is.

No doubt, moving to NYC by yourself can get challenging, but it can be an adventure of your life as long as you are ready to face the realities in the right state of mind.

Here are some expectations going head-to-head with the realities of finding rooms for rent in NYC:

Expectation: You’ll immediately find your perfect living space.

Reality: Uh-oh!

Most of us have grown up watching the TV show FRIENDS and have had this notion for a long time—the perfect NYC dream of settling in a big city apartment with people who become like family. But, in honesty, it takes months and several moves before finding the perfect combination of people, location, and space that makes an apartment ideal.

However, the good news is, you can tackle this by using the right platform for finding rooms for rent in NYC. There is a possibility that you end up finding your dream space on the first try, unlikely, but not impossible!

Expectation: The cost of living in a perfect NYC neighborhood is going to be way costlier.

Reality: No, not at all!

It might take you some time to find rooms for rent in New York City, but it would not be as costly as it seems. Yes, it could be more expensive to live in areas like Manhattan, Gramercy Park – that sweet two-bedroom in Greenwich Village would rent for around $5000 a month. However, neighborhoods like Astoria, Inwood, Forest Hills have the perfect NYC vibe, and the rooms for rent in NYC in these areas are very much affordable. It’s better to live with roommate(s) as it will only make your rent cheaper, and you would not be lonely.

Expectation: The roommates are going to be super friendly to you.

Reality: Beep!

Yes, living with roommates is going to make life easier. But! Yes, there is a but. You are not always going to find a friendly person as your roommate. If you do, you are one lucky human.

While finding rooms for rent in New York City, it is essential to find the right person or people as your roommate/s. You do not want your mental peace to take a toll by having a maniac as your roomie. The convenient way would be to use roommate finders. Set your preferences right, and it will match you with people of your preferences in no time.

Expectation: The New York City Neighbourhoods have crime in every corner

Reality: Most certainly not! New York City is one of the safest cities in the world.

TV and movies have frequently portrayed NYC as a crime-ridden ordeal. The aforementioned is a significant reason for your parents or even you being reluctant about moving to this city. NYC has had a violent past, but these days, the crime is at an all-time low. Most of the neighborhoods have a negligible crime rate over other areas. There are still some areas with a relatively higher crime rate.

However, it is always better to avoid these neighborhoods while renting a room in New York City.

Expectation: All Rooms for rent in New York City are furnished and spacious.

Reality: We wish!

A vast majority of rental rooms in NYC are unfurnished. People usually tend to take all their furniture to their next apartment with them. New Yorkers say that you should consider yourself lucky to get a dishwasher with the condo and more fortunate if you have a laundry downstairs.

However, you could get a furnished home, but that would only mean digging deep into your pockets.

However, it’s convenient to rent an unfurnished apartment and then buy furniture. It’s pretty easy to find used/affordable furniture on Craigslist or IKEA in Brooklyn and get it delivered at a low price.

New York City is a city full of dreams and promises. There might be a little struggle involved to find rooms for rent in NYC, but you still get to live in the most fantastic city in the world while weaving a saga of your own.

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