Services to Expect from Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Northern VA


Northern VA or NOVA, as it is commonly called, is renowned for its suburban neighborhoods of Fairfax, Arlington, Falls Church, Herndon, Clifton and more that have resilient homes. If you are a homeowner or have bought a new home in Northern VA, the chances are that your bathroom may need a facelift. Bathrooms are the second most intimate room after your bedroom, and having one that fits your style is imperative. If you don’t, it’s time to opt for companies that do bathroom remodeling Northern VA. Upgrade your bathrooms to a beautiful space that perfectly fits your persona. According to statistics, in 2020, 33 percent of homeowners in the US who renovated their master bathroom stated that the main reason behind the renovation was that they could no longer stand the old bathroom. So, don’t be stuck with an old bathroom and opt for the professional assistance of bathroom remodeling services in Northern VA to revamp your bathroom to your style. Here’s what you can expect from bathroom remodeling pros:

First Steps

For complex to simplest bathroom revamp, you will want to enlist an experienced remodeling contractor. You will initiate a conversation and state your requirements of what you want in your new bath. The designer should be a good listener to understand your needs and then deliver the right design solutions that meet your expectations.

Choosing Patterns, Colors, Cabinets, Fixtures, and More

The popular home styles in Northern VA range from the traditional colonial revival, contemporary American foursquare, Bungalow to the modern ramblers, and the neo-colonial homes. Ensure to choose the design details and palette of the bathroom according to your home style. The expert designers team of bathroom remodeling in Northern VA will suggest the best style according to your home’s layout and architecture.

Receive Quotes for Bathroom Remodelling Services

Based on the design, fixtures, and work level needed to revamp your bathroom, most contractors will give you a quote of cost estimation. You can work with the contractors to settle on a budget and engage in value engineering to strategically change plans to be affordable. Bathroom remodeling in Northern VA approximate costs ranges from $3000 to $17,000 with an average of $10,000.

Construction Begins with Demolition

After settling down on the quotes, it’s time to start your bathroom remodeling project. If you are working with a good NOVA remodeler, their experienced demolition team will park a dumpster in front of your home and cautiously remove old fixtures, tiles, and drywall, leaving any elements intact that are to be reused.

Dust Protection

Experts in Northern VA suggest opting for a professional bathroom remodeling company that protects the rest of your home from dust that can infiltrate through the construction phase. Some of the methods they employ can include plastic room-dividing walls and active negative-pressure systems with HEPA filtration.

Final Walkthrough

The last step is to run a final walkthrough with the vendor to inspect all the work done and make a punch list to address any gaps. Whether you are looking to revamp the bathroom of your new home in Northern VA that you just purchased or have an older bathroom that needs a due upgrade, opt for professional services of bathroom remodeling in Northern VA. A bathroom remodel can boost your homes’ comfort factor and increase its value in the already growing real estate market of the Northern VA region.

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