Simple Ways We Can Check Our Home Safety


There are a few things we should prioritise when it comes to taking care of our homes, we may think about how our homes look more than anything, but sometimes the safety aspect of running a household is forgotten about. Keeping our homes safe for us and our families should really be our top priority, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few ideas on how you can keep you and your family safe at home and not spend a lot of time doing it.

Hidden Dangers

We all know that there are dangers around the home, especially when we have children, but there are also a number of hidden dangers around our homes that we don’t always think about. It’s easy to see trip hazards and potential flood issues because they are right in front of us. Other less obvious hazards such as mold and carbon monoxide aren’t so easy to spot though. There are some excellent carbon monoxide alarms on the market now, so it’s important to keep one in the home.

Mold is another hidden danger that should be considered, and mold testing services in new york by providers such as RTK Environmental, will quickly find any potential problems for you and set you on the right path to removing and preventing mold growth in your home.

Child Proofing

There is a big difference between a home safe for adults and a home safe for babies and toddlers. This is something that we very quickly realise when we have children for the first time. There are resources to help you with this, but also your health care professionals can point you in the right direction, and before long you will end up with stair gates and corner covers to ensure your baby is safe at home.


It’s essential that we are very careful when it comes to carrying out DIY tasks at home. It can be tempting to try our hand at fixing an electrical fault, but there is a reason that electricians are well trained and regulated. Hospitals, unfortunately, see many incidences of electrocution or serious injury from people “giving it a go” when it comes to DIY, so it really is something to consider when you are trying your hand at renovations in your home.

Not only is there a danger to yourself when it comes to DIY but you also need to consider if your work is stable and not going to cause injury later on. For example, many people forget to anchor furniture to the wall and too many children are hurt because of this. So always check if your new unit or shelving is secure enough and make sure it doesn’t have the potential to fall and hurt someone.

Without a doubt, there are some things that you can’t take for granted or try for yourself unless you receive professional guidance and this really is the safest option when it comes to the safety of your home.

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