SYPWAI Project: the main goal is to accelerate and industrialize AI in enterprises


Businesses are looking to improve operational efficiency and agility in meeting business challenges faced with digital disruption in their industry and a radical change in consumer behavior. For businesses, looking to become competitive or disrupt the existing market space, artificial intelligence (AI) can be the solution. It can help their machines become smart, empowering them with brains, decision-making abilities, and superiority to humans.

And it started. Today, businesses of all sizes are moving to AI to build intelligent applications and automate processes.

The significant transformational value created by the adoption of AI and automation means that its integration is now a top priority for both boards of directors and governments in various sectors. Artificial Intelligence and Automation are reshaping the business environment across all industries, opening up new opportunities with intelligent automated products. Some companies are outstripping trends, while others are slow to implement the technology.

Almost every industry will be affected and transformed by AI and automation in the next few years. Over the next five years, these smart factories, using technologies such as robots and automation, will act as a catalyst for a new global economy.

Simply put, AI and automation, like some other emerging technologies, will enable enterprises to reduce costs, increase productivity by freeing employees from more routine tasks, increase agility and flexibility, stimulate and innovate.

Artificial intelligence and automation differ from other technologies. The main difference is that they will help propel these technologies into the mainstream business environment. For example, AI will advance the Internet of Things.

SYPWAI will be able to deal with decentralized training of neural networks

Most experts in the development of neural networks agree that the specialists of The Neurosphere with the SYPWAI project will be able to revolutionize all scientific concepts in the field of artificial intelligence and neural networks. Representatives of the startup stated that they are engaged in tools that allow everyone to be able to train neural networks from anywhere in the world.

The platform’s simple interface allows you to select AI capabilities and automatically combine them together to function as a single application. The platform is built on open source technologies and could be combined with a variety of artificial intelligence tools available today, providing easy access for developers and enterprises.

It is tough to predict how users will behave when the platform becomes globally available. One thing is for sure – projects like SYPWAI are the future.

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