Seven Tips For Owning a Car in New York City

Young confident woman driving a car

You can live your whole life in New York City without a car. That’s very appealing to residents because owning a car can be expensive and time consuming! With so many people living in the city, it’s relatively easy to get wherever you need to go when you take the subway, a … Read more

Helpful Advice On What To Do After A Car Injury

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Many people have been in a car accident at some point in their life. The aftermath of these accidents can be devastating, especially if you are not properly prepared to handle them. This blog post is going to provide you with helpful advice on what your next steps should be after an … Read more

Useful tips on how to prolong the life of your car

9 Reasons to choose an SUV over a car

Any car enthusiast dreams of having his car serve as long as possible. Unfortunately, some breakdowns and accidents significantly shorten the life of the vehicle. And yet, its condition directly depends on the attitude of the driver. Check out our simple tips that will help you forget about regularly spending large amounts … Read more

Top 4 car tips that will extend the life of your car

4 things you should check before going out with a car

When you’ve bought your dream car, you will genuinely want to give it a longer life. Many car owners also like this but don’t do about the fact. But as you are here, I hope you are more concerned about your car than most of them. You can increase your car life … Read more

The Pros And Cons Of Driving Your Own Car In NYC

The Pros And Cons Of Driving Your Own Car In NYC

At present, nearly 1.4 million out of a total of 3.1 million households in NYC own a car, according to a recent census. Of these households, approximately 3% currently own three or more cars. Despite nearly half of all households owning a car, not all make use of it for their daily … Read more