The 8 Best New York Shows On Netflix To Watch In 2022


2022 is here, and the best shows on Netflix are coming back with new seasons. The good thing about Netflix is always to supply you with new content to stream. 2022 is no different as they have some great shows in store for you.

The first month of the year is not as busy as the fall and the summer periods. But that doesn’t mean that January doesn’t bring new shows, for we can expect new series seasons and a few new movies.

Many Netflix Marvel shows will have new seasons in 2022. So, if you are a Marvel show fan, you should subscribe to Netflix if you haven’t already subscribed. By doing so, you will get updated with the latest episodes.

Big cities come with big shows, and New York is one of the cities that great films are set in. Many series and movies are set in New York because the city consists of major advertising agencies. Providing support and interest in the work that is being done locally.

With that being said, below are the best 8 New York shows on Netflix to watch in 2022.


The first season of You debuted in 2018 and was based around Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley). Joe manages a bookstore in New York. While working, he meets an aspiring writer named Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail). After meeting Beck, Joe becomes strongly obsessed with her. His obsession makes him start stalking her on social media and uses other technology to track her.

So far, You consist of 3 seasons, but the 4th one has been confirmed. It’s one of those worth watching on Netflix in 2022.


Daredevil is a Marvel series that one should watch in 2022. Its first season was aired on Netflix in 2015. The show is based around a Marvel Character by the same name Daredevil. The film concentrates on Matt Murdock, who fights the crimes in New York as Daredevil. He’s a lawyer by day who can’t see but a vigilante at night.

Daredevil consists of three seasons, and you can stream them on Netflix.

When They See Us

When They See Us sits among the best series that one should watch in 2022. It is one of those series that consists of 4 episodes that are so entertaining that you can watch them over again.

1989, in New York’s Central Park, a jogging lady was attacked, assaulted, and raped. Five African Americans were charged and forced to accept the crime by the police, a crime they didn’t commit. Instead, they spent years behind bars hoping that one day the truth would come out.

They see Us was based on a true story event on the 19th of April 1989. It’s a film filled with emotions and definitely, a must-watch in 2022.

The Magicians

Quentin Coldwater wants to be trained to become a magician. So, he enrolls in a Magical Pedagogy. There, he comes to learn that the book he was reading when he was a child had a magical world that was real. The existence is a danger to the world.

The Magicians is one of the best shows available on Netflix.

30 Rock

30 Rock is a comedy series that is worth watching. Its first episode was aired in 2006, and the show produced another six seasons. The latest season was in 2012.

Liz Lemon, a writer of a comedy show, is under the leadership of an arrogant new boss. She must work with her new boss and control her emotions to be able to concentrate on running a successful show.

30 Rock is one of the best New York comedy shows available on Netflix.

Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer

In the 1970s in New York, a serial killer named Torso Killer targets women to fulfill his ridiculous fantasies while evading police.

Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer is a documentary mini-series available to stream on Netflix. If you are a documentary fan, then this show should, without a doubt, top your list in 2022. The show is entertaining and easy to follow.

Grand Army

The Grand Army is a drama series centered around five high school teenagers struggling with racial and sexual discrimination. Here, they portray how young teenagers are struggling in their everyday lives.

The series was released in 2020, and season one consists of 9 episodes. You can watch the show Grand Army on Netflix.

Lenox Hill

The film is based around four doctors, an emergency room physician, two brain surgeons, and a chief resident. Here, they share how it is to be working at New York’s Lenox Hill hospital. But the doctors aren’t afraid as they spill the beans.

Lenox Hill was released in 2020 and consisted of 9 interesting episodes. It’s a must-watch documentary.


As you wait and see the shows that will be available this year, you need to look back and see what you might have missed. There are great shows available that you could have missed out on. The above are the best New York shows available on Netflix that you should watch in 2022.



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