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NYC is known for having some of the most magnificent cityscapes in the world. One of the benefits of making a business trip to New York is the opportunity to see the attractions of the Big Apple, which is frequently regarded as the most well-known city in the world. Once you visit the largest casino in America, it’s time to have fun with the enchanting panoramas of NYC!

We, along with, have collected this guide to the most essential New York viewpoints so you may make the most of your time in the city while on business and enjoy the city’s most magnificent views.

Roosevelt Island Tram

When it opened in 1976, the Roosevelt Island Tram was North America’s first commuter aerial tramway. It takes less than four minutes to traverse the East River and reach its destination on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Roosevelt Island, from whence it leaves.

Visitors on this cruise will be treated to stunning views of New York City, from the Queensboro Bridge to the Blackwell Island Lighthouse. The tram, which has a capacity of up to 110 passengers and is the oldest in North America, runs every five to fifteen minutes.

One World Observatory

The ability to ride the high-speed elevators up to floors 100 through 102 of One World Trade Center has been quite popular. Nothing compares to the stunning views above the city’s streets from more than 450 meters (1,250 feet).

Although it appears to be a gaudy tourist attraction. Prepare to spend some time at the observatory for dinner; there are three different eating options, and the “oohing” and “ahhing” will make you hungry.

The High Line

The High Line in New York City is one of the city’s parks that stands out for its uniqueness! Before the High Line was created, this location was used as an elevated rail line for freight trains to convey products.

This service became outdated as trucks became more prevalent. As a result, the railroad track was abandoned and allowed to degrade until Mayor Bloomberg authorized a plan to transform it into a park for the city.

The High Line was an instant success when it originally opened in 2009. The elevated promenade is roughly 1.5 miles long and receives around 8 million visitors annually.

When the plants on the High Line are in full bloom in the spring or summer, it is the most beautiful time to visit the High Line. Breathtaking murals, one-of-a-kind artwork, and changing sculptures welcome you every time you visit.

Edge Observation Deck

Manhattan features five observation decks, with The Edge Observation Deck being the city’s highest point. Guests experience the sense that they are floating in mid-air at 100 floors above the ground. The Deck features a champagne bar as well as a glass floor. You may spend as much time as you like on the observation deck, which provides unobstructed views of New York City in all directions.

On the 101st floor of the structure, there is an inside observation area and a restaurant. Keep an eye on the website for opportunities to join Sky-High yoga. Edge debuted a new activity called City Climb NYC late in 2021, letting people mount the side of a large structure. It goes without saying that this exercise is not for the faint of heart.

Belvedere Castle

Calvert Vaux, one of the park’s architects, built the eccentric Victorian Folly that may be seen in Central Park in 1865. The structure is beautiful, yet it serves no use. No matter where you stand on either of the balconies, you’ll receive amazing views of the park’s most popular sections, including:

  • The Great Lawn
  • Turtle Pond
  • The Ramble
  • The Delacorte Theater

Borrow a pair of binoculars from the Henry Luce Nature Observatory to start your hunt for birds and other animals, or look through the observatory’s telescopes and microscopes for a closer look at Mother Nature’s handiwork.

Summit One Vanderbilt

It rises 1,401 feet tall and is topped by the structure known as One Vanderbilt. Take the elevator to the 91st level, where you will be 1,000 feet over New York City’s streets and walkways. This floor is reached after passing through a mirrored corridor with immersive elements. Just like with mind-blowing casino aesthetics, this place can impress you from the first minute!

Kenzo Digital created “Air,” an endless chamber composed solely of mirrors that constantly reflects sky views and nearby cities. This provides the sensation of walking through the sky or in another realm of reality. When you glance up and down in this multi-level environment, you can notice your reflection reflected back at you.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Roof Garden

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is reported to be highly visually appealing; it boasts excellent architecture and design and has one of the most spectacular art collections in the Western Hemisphere. On the other hand, the Met’s roof garden may be admired by anybody, regardless of their expertise in art or antiquities. Have refreshing beverages while admiring the stunning views of Central Park and the Upper East Side below.

Gantry Plaza State Park

The East River and the prominent buildings that rise west of the peaceful seas add to the beauty of this park in Long Island City, which offers twelve acres of waterside greenery, playgrounds, and courts. Come during the golden hour, when the sky behind those pillars of modernity becomes pink, orange, and yellow, and see the lights turn on in the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings.

Staten Island Ferry

Hundreds of New York City commuters may see some of the city’s most iconic attractions for free. You may board this vessel and stroll immediately to the deck for a breath of the Hudson River and stunning views of:

  • Governors Island
  • Lower Manhattan
  • Ellis Island
  • Liberty Island

Take a Helicopter Tour for the Best NYC View

Although this adrenaline-pumping experience isn’t for everyone, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include it because it’s so much fun.

If you’re addicted to the adrenaline rush (no less exciting than a huge no deposit bonus at an online casino), this is the most thrilling experience you could have. A helicopter flight over New York City will provide you with an unparalleled view of the metropolis.

Furthermore, some helicopter companies provide doors-off rides where you may dangle your feet outside the helicopter; this is an extraordinary experience, to say the least!

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