The Process of Selling a House in Steps


Set goals for yourself

Write out all the reasons why you want to sell, the goals you have for the sale, and your chosen timeline. Plan the best route to accomplish these objectives with the help of your agent.

Prepare your price

The optimal selling price for your home will be determined by you and your agent. You want to encourage the most interest from both buyers and other real estate Realtors in Bowmanville. You must consider your home’s condition, the prices of nearby comparable homes, and the situation of the market as a whole. You’ll need to put aside your potential emotional relationship to your home and think like a buyer. A really unbiased appraisal can also be completed for a few hundred dollars.

Plan your house

The state of your house will influence both the asking price and the time it takes to sell. Initial impressions matter. Your Realtor Guidance will be your most beneficial resource. Pay attention to the wisdom and experience around you!

Spread the word

When you are prepared to sell, your real estate agent will draw up a marketing plan customized for your house. This could include a combination of the Internet, yard signs, open houses, media advertising, agent-to-agent recommendations, and direct mail marketing campaigns in addition to putting your house on the System.

Receive a quote

Your real estate agent will first determine whether the buyer is pre-qualified or pre-approved to purchase your house when you get a written offer from a prospective buyer. If so, the agent will go over the draught agreement with you to make sure you understand what is necessary to carry out the deal. Your agent will give you advice on whether to accept it without adjustments (a counter-offer), accept it as is, or reject it. A written offer is enforceable once it has been signed by both parties.


Most bids to buy your house will necessitate some haggling to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement. Your agent will represent your best interests throughout the negotiation process and is knowledgeable about the nuances of the contracts utilized in your area. Price, financing, repairs, appliances and fixtures, landscaping, painting, move-in date, and other terms may be negotiable.

Get readt ti close

Make a list of everything that needs to be done before closing as soon as you accept an offer. It can be necessary to conduct a formal appraisal, survey, inspection, or repair on the property. You might be required to pay for all or a portion of these things, depending on the contract. If there are issues with the house, the buyer may want to back out, start fresh in the negotiations, or just move forward with the closing.

Close the deal

A few days before closing, you will meet with your attorney to go over the paperwork and hand over the keys.

Get ready to move

Do not forget to make a to-do list. You can acquire a checklist from your agent to help you get going.



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