The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home


As someone who has sold homes before, I know that there are a few mistakes to avoid when it comes to selling your home. If you make these mistakes, the price of your home will be affected and it might take longer for you to sell. In this blog post, we are going to talk about three things that NO ONE should do when they are trying to sell their home! And contact Vol Homes – Knoxville to sell your house and get the price that you deserve.

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1. Avoid staged photos

These photos give people the wrong idea of what your home looks like. This makes it look really bad and can make buyers not want to buy it because they think that all homes are going to be this way when in reality, most homes aren’t staged at all! Just take some pictures yourself with your phone of your home in its natural state.

When you stage your home, you are making it look worse than it actually is.

2. Don’t show buyers your house without a contract in place

I know that when you are selling house for cash, it is hard to not want people who are interested in buying the home to come see it because they might offer you more money for it. However, this can be really bad for two reasons!

First of all, if someone makes an offer on your home and you accepted it, they are going to ask for the contract that you signed saying that you won’t show your home. If you did not sign this, then their offer is NOT legally binding and there isn’t anything they can do about it!

Secondly, showing buyers your house without an agreement in place makes them think of all kinds of things they want to do with your home and you might end up accepting an offer that is much lower than what you were hoping for!

3. Don’t back out of an accepted offer

This one might be obvious, but it is really important! If you had a contract with someone who made you an offer and they turned around and backed out on the deal for whatever reason, even if it’s something like wanting more money or needing less repairs to your home before closing – this can be really bad because it makes people not want to buy your home.  If you are asking your self questions like how to sell my house fast Tacoma WA be sure to check out the best options.

When someone backs out of a deal, they are giving the other party an excuse NOT to sell the house which means that you might have wasted time on showing the interested parties around and now there is no way for them to make money off of what you do! This can be a bad idea for everyone involved.


Avoid these 3 errors that hurt the sale of your home and you should be good to go.

Staging photos may not be the best way to sell your home because they give buyers an opportunity to imagine themselves in the house before deciding if they want to purchase it or not. It’s important for sellers and agents alike to remember this so there are no misunderstandings at closing time.

A contract should always be negotiated prior, otherwise you risk losing out on what could have been a good offer from another buyer who was willing to pay more than their asking price for your property.

And lastly, once you accept an offer, don’t back down-you’ll avoid turning off potential buyers by making them think twice about buying your home

Now that you know the top three mistakes to avoid when selling your home, go ahead and get started. Make sure you’re taking advantage of all these tips in order to make your house stand out from the competition. Good luck!

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