Tom Brady Divorces Model Gisele Bundchen after 16 Years of Marriage


Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are one of the most famous and beautiful couples in the world. He is an American football legend who has won seven Super Bowls. She was the highest-paid model and former Victoria’s Secret Angel. The couple is on the verge of divorce because of Brady’s return to Tampa Bay which is often appreciated by fans of betting markets at footballbettingtz.

They Fell in Love at First Sight

Brady and Bundchen met in December 2006 when a mutual friend arranged a date for them at a New York restaurant. The year before, Gisele had broken up with Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom had ended his relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan. The date ended with love at first sight for both of them. After being together for a few months, the couple was stunned by the news that Brady’s ex was pregnant.

“The next day, the news wrote about it. I felt like my world had been turned upside down. It was a hard time,” Gisele wrote in her autobiography.

Despite this challenge, Brady and Bundchen didn’t break up. This difficult situation strengthened their relationship. Some time later, they married, and Gisele gave birth to two children. However, they also talked about difficult situations. Brady admitted that he didn’t spend enough time with his wife and children.

In 2020, the family moved to Florida, and Brady signed a contract with Tampa Bay. In Tampa, Brady won his seventh Super Bowl, spent another season there, and announced the end of his career.

What Is the Reason for Divorce?

Forty days after his announcement, Brady changed his mind. He wanted to play one more season. Social media cheered Brady and wished him all the best, but Gisele was very disappointed.

In May, Gisele gave an interview where she said: “He’s focused on his career, and I’m mainly thinking about our children.”

In August, Brady left Tampa for personal reasons. Tom and Gisele spent most of the summer together and even traveled to Europe with their children. Still, according to rumors, after the trip, they got into a quarrel and moved to separate houses.

In September, Gisele spoke insistently about her role in the family. “I did all my best next to Tom. That’s what I focused on. I moved and focused on creating a positive and loving environment for my children to grow into and being there to support him and his dreams.”

At the same time, Bundchen insisted that she wasn’t putting pressure on Brady and didn’t want him to leave the sport. “Of course, I’m nervous. I hope he comes more often to us.”

According to People sources, Gisele was angry that Brady had decided to return to sports, not because she just hated football. At the end of the month, they left Tampa due to an impending hurricane. The two moved to Miami but lived separately.

As they say, Gisele has already hired a divorce expert, and Tom is still hoping to stay together with his wife. If the divorce happens, Bundchen and Brady will share a $26 million estate and two children. The beautiful love story will end after 16 years together.

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