Top 10 Iconic New York City Billboard Locations Advertisers Crave For

New York City – The number one most populous city in the United States is one of the best places in the world to market with billboard advertising. Many iconic locations see plenty of traffic, making this city an excellent place to post your ad or message. Here are the ten best places to post on billboards in New York City.

Times Square

Times Square: one of the most iconic advertising locations in the world. Home to tones of billboards and large digital screens. Choose from a vast number of billboard and digital sign opportunities, from ABC SuperSign, giving your message exposure on ABC’s Good Morning America every day, to massive screens located at One Times Square.

1500 Broadway and West 43rd Street

Owned by Neutron Media, this digital billboard offers state-of-the-art displays right in the middle of Times Square. Positioned in a strategic location right across the NASDAQ, commuters can see this screen coming from New York’s busiest transit station.

 1552 Broadway Avenue

Four giant screens run by Light Year Media are located in Father Duffy Square and go from ground level up to the 18th story. Anyone standing anywhere in the Bow Tie will be able to see this location, making it an iconic place for your business or brand to advertise.

Liberty State Park

Famous tourist attractions make great locations for advertising placements. There is plenty of billboard inventory located around Liberty State Park, which sees a lot of traffic. Still, its location near the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island means that cruise lines visiting those sites will quickly see those billboards.

Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises

A popular way to see some of New York City’s most famous sights is to take a sightseeing cruise around the city. There are many billboards placed along the way with advertising opportunities that get lots of attention. With tours departing from midtown, planning your advertisement around sightseeing cruises is a great option.

Yankee Stadium

Homefield of the New York Yankees, and one of the most expensive stadiums ever built, Yankee Stadium is a popular place for tourists and native New Yorkers alike. It also has plenty of billboard inventory located all along the outfield, ensuring everyone watching the game will see your advertising message.

Madison Square Garden

Placing a billboard in or near a sports complex can be a great way to drive value to your business. Even billboards posted along the way are effective at catching the attention of those going to the stadium. Located between 7th and 8th avenue, Madison Square Gardens hosts many forms of entertainment. Its midtown location near other New York landmarks makes this the perfect place to advertise.

New York University

If your looking to target college students or younger audiences with your billboard campaign, New York University offers plenty of affordable inventory nearby. With its main campus in Greenwich Village, New York University surrounds Washington Square Park and has the largest enrollment of any private university in the U.S.

The City College of New York

Advertising on a billboard near City College of New York will give you access to plenty of traffic in Hamilton Heights. With a location that spans Convent Avenue from 130th street to 141st street, there are many landmark buildings throughout the campus with billboard inventory.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

Airports are naturally great places to post a billboard advertisement, and New York City is home to several of the country’s busiest. John F. Kennedy International Airport is located in Queens and is the primary airport serving New York City.