Top-6 Hawaiian Beaches to Visit: From the Most Popular to Completely Secluded


When you think about relaxing somewhere on the islands in the ocean, for some reason, Hawaii immediately comes to mind. The Hawaiian Islands are the best place to relax in the Pacific Ocean. One of the important arguments in favor is that Hawaii is a US state. Prices are not very high, there is a good level of service and excellent hotels. There will be no problems with the road since the Honolulu airport is one of the busiest in the United States. Enjoy your time at one of the blooming coasts, and come to the best beaches in Hawaii presented on the list.

1. Kauna’oa

When ecotourism pioneer Lawrence Rockefeller first saw this sugar beach in 1960 while touring the island with the governor of Hawaii, he immediately knew it was something special. He chose Kauna’oa as the location for his legendary Mauna Kea Resort, which still attracts couples and families to the Big Island. The pristine beauty of the beach with turquoise water, soft waves, and a variety of marine life make this place just as stunning as realcanadianslots on a Friday evening.

2. Waikiki

The most popular is, of course, Waikiki Beach, located in the south of Oahu. Travelers have been flocking to this tranquil crescent-shaped golden sand beach since the early 1900s. These are 3 km of the beach line and 5-star hotels, many shops, restaurants, bars, and all kinds of entertainment venues. Please note that this is a rather crowded place, and if you want to quietly relax under the sound of blue waves, then you are unlikely to succeed.

3. Hanalei Bay

A breathtaking bay surrounded by 1,230 m high emerald mountains, Hanalei is technically several beach parks combined into one magnificent two-kilometer line along the north coast of Kauai. In winter, the waves attract the attention of surfers. But during the summer months, the water is calmer and suitable for swimming.

4. Kalihi Wai

Kalihiwai is an insider’s beach just behind Kapaa, mostly used by locals. The beaches in this tiny bay, surrounded by two beautiful cliffs, are ideal for bodybuilding. There is also a shallow freshwater lagoon that kids will love. Pack your picnic bag and take everything needed with you, as there are no market stalls here (but there are benches to sit on).

5. Waimea Bay

Situated on the less developed Oahu’s north shore, Waimea Bay is one of the most famous big wave surfing beaches. During the winter months, the waves become impressively giant that attract professional surfers. Waimea, Sunset Beach and Ehukai host some of the best surf events in Hawaii such as the Vans Triple Crown.

6. Poipu

This is the epicenter of Kauai’s ever-sunny south coast, a beach area made up of three beautiful crescents. Poipu always attracts many families because the water is suitable for beginner swimmers and lifeguards are on duty seven days a week. Here you can do everything from surfing to snorkeling. Enjoy!


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