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It is highly unlikely that you are going to find a more vibrant city like New York in the world. It is a city of entertainment, films, cinema, and theaters. You will find all kinds of theaters here, from multiplexes to tiny independent ones. Since New York is one of the biggest states in the world, finding the right cinema to catch a movie with your loved one can be difficult. Although you have a lot of options when it comes to watching movies on big screens but a lot of times they are packed since theaters in New York have to accommodate and serve millions of local residents and tourists that visit them. Every movie theater has its pros and cons that make the overall movie experience unique. Here are some of the top cinemas to watch out for in New York. 

AMC Magic Johnson Harlem-Harlem

May it be films or movies, it is hard to beat the theater experience offered by AMC Magic Johnson. Located in Times Square, this theater may sometimes have empty seats but the crowd is going to be loud. You will not find any limit to the crowd’s enthusiasm for new movies. Furthermore, it happens to be a splendid location interms of public transport and restaurants for pre-movie dinners as well as post-movie discussions. Although this place is not that popular amongst tourists but the local people are going to make it up for the packed atmosphere. They are going to give you a real taste of the NYC theater scene. This makes the AMC Magic Johnson one of the top New York cinemas. 

Regal Union Square Stadium-Union Square

If you have visited Union Square before, you should know that one thing it has in abundance is theaters. However, what makes it stand out is that it shows more of the bigger hits than a lot of the independents around it. Not only are you offered a chance to see the blockbusters but you also get to choose the way you see them. You can opt for 2D or 3D and even 4DX for that matter. You will experience wind and water spray along with the smell from the movie as well. Furthermore, there is also ScreenX that involves a screen stretching around the seat, offering a 270 degree feel to any movie.

AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13-Broadway

The AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 back in 1994 was the only amongst top cinemas New York that boasted a giant IMAX screen. Those who want to watch a movie in 3D or widescreen, then this is the place where they should come. It has 600 cinema theatre seats, which are mostly sold out during the week. If you want to get your hands on prime seats, it is suggested that you buy tickets atleast an hour before the show. You wouldn’t want to remain stuck in the line for ages. 

Alamo Drafthouse-Brooklyn

In Brooklyn, nothing is better than the Alamo Drafthouse and there are two reasons for that. The first is that there are many train options to reach and second, it serves plenty of craft beer. Even though you will not find many luxuries here but it is still the best place to catch a movie with a beer. On top of that, the waiters will bring them to your seats as ordered. The Alamo Draft house shows both classic and new movies. If you are lucky, you might get a chance to see some stars popping in on the first show of their release. 

Nitehawk Cinema-Metropolitan Avenue

The Nitehawk Cinema-Metropolitan Avenue is the new thing in town. While the Alamo Drafthouse has perfected the art of providing beers while watching movies, Nitehawk cinema on the other hand has gone further and serves meals whilst a movie plays. You can ofcourse order popcorns and even burgers and tacos. What makes Nitehawk stand out is that it serves dishes and meals that are being shown in the movies or movie you are currently watching.

The Paris-Midtown

Anything that is named or called Paris is supposed to be luxurious and special. However, that is not the case when it comes to The Paris Theater. Although it is not the best luxury theater in New York but it definitely has the vibe of its 1940s era. As a result, it is ‘classy’ and ‘snazzy’ at the same time. Moreover, it shows ‘nice’ movies and sedate English costume dramas instead of the violent Hollywood blockbusters.

Final Word

In the end, even though there are several other theatre options in New York but the ones outlined above stand out. There is a reason these theatres are jam-packed throughout the week and tend to be the first option when catching a new release. Therefore, if you are in New York or planning to visit New York, do try atleast one of these theatres to have an idea of the NYC movie scene. 

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