Twisted Axes Throw: Amazing gaming


There is an axe-throwing house and is called Twisted Axes Throw House. It has become a great alternative for all types of celebrations including birthday parties, team building, corporate events, bachelor parties, fundraising events, date nights, guys night out, bachelor parties and more. It is located in OKC. To Find Out How is so simple, you can visit their website. There are overwhelming testimonies from visitors and I will share some for you here.

“I loved it! I’ve only gone once I was planning to go again but then the Coronavirus broke out. But they have reopened since then so I will make this a date night real soon. It’s one of the biggest if not the biggest locations in the state. So you don’t have to stand in line for a long time for a bay to throw your axe. There are other games that play there too…like cornhold.” From Wade Carter.

“Soooo much fun. A must-do in Moore! Ben and Jen are great owners!” from David Dickinson

“Had so much fun! So much better than I expected. Staff was super friendly and very encouraging. One of the best nights we’ve ever had from Chantel Bilyeu

“The place was great! Clean and well put together. The staff was great and very inviting and helpful. Will come back over and over” from Courtney Erwin Simpson

“Took my son and his friend there for his 16th birthday and they had a blast” from Jordannah Guerrero Sosa.

“Great service, fun atmosphere and a good place to just hang out!” from Dave Case II

“great place to get together with friends and try something new!” from Tara Hellums

“I visited Twisted Axes with a group of six to celebrate my birthday. It was a lot more fun than I had even anticipated. Our ages range from 28 to 65. We chose the one hour option as none of us had thrown axes before. When we visit again, we will likely opt for the two-hour session because it seemed that just about the time we really got the hang of it, our time was up. We divided up our teams to be men vs women. Surprisingly perhaps, the women won each game! So don’t be intimidated, girls! It was great fun for everyone! It seemed like it would be a fun place for a couple’s date night as well. While you aren’t able to bring in your own drinks, they did have some decent beer options to choose from. The place was clean and had enough space for socializing as well as throwing axes, the staff were very friendly and helpful. Overall, it was an excellent experience. I really hope this establishment makes it because we want to do it again!” from Jld4peace.

From all of the visitor’s testimonies we can deduce that at Twisted Axes Throw House:

  • The staff are friendly and helpful

  • The environment is friendly and clean

  • It is a welcome environment for all age to have fun

  • A good place to hang out

  • There are other game available apart from axe throwing

  • A good place for a birthday celebration.

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