What Actions to Take After a Fender Bender


Fender benders mostly occur when you least expect them. Most individuals may prefer to solve the matter privately since they only cause minor injuries. Following this process might reduce insurance premiums but lead to bigger problems later on. Always make sure you have got the right kind of information after the occurrence. Instead, read below to understand what actions to take after the fender bender. 

Contact the Police

When an accident has taken place, you should stay calm and protect yourself from further injuries. Turn on hazard lights after the impact if you aren’t trapped. Then confirm if anyone inside your car was injured. If there are some, then you have to call the police for immediate action. 

Make sure that you protect your car from further damages by taking it off the road. If possible, you can set up reflectors or flares to be more visible to other road users. You will then have to call the police to document the incident. 

The process of calling the police will happen even if you feel that you aren’t at fault or the damage is minor. Start collecting information before the arrival of officers at the scene. The presence of the policy will help control the situation at the scene. 

Their role will be taking relevant statements and writing up a report. Remember to ask for a copy of this report because the insurance company will need it. Whatever the police will say has an impact on proving or disproving the case. Therefore, ensure that you provide them with clear and concise statements. 

Exchange Car Insurance Information

Remember, after the accident, insurance companies will be involved. You will have to exchange car insurance information between the parties involved in the accident. It is very crucial to help insurance companies resolve payments of damages. 

The insurance information you will exchange includes the insurance company’s contact details and policy numbers. Exchange car details, names, and contact numbers along with that. Write down accident details and take pictures of damages. 

Take pictures of the street where the accident occurred and the license plates. You can also get the names of any witnesses or contact information that is available. All this information can easily help you make a good claim. Your insurance company will have less to do because you are full of information. 

Contact the Insurance Company

Not contacting your insurance company may result in future problems. Such problems arise if the other parts report to the insurance company or the police. You might face fines or lose your insurance coverage if that happens. 

You should contact the insurance company for details of the accident. They will offer more information on what you will do next. Also, they will have the chance to provide advice applicable to your current situation. Remember, you may not have adequate information at this moment. 

Later, the insurance company will set a claim for you and carry further investigations on damages. It would help if you had an estimate of the overall cost of repairing your vehicle. The insurance company can be supportive at this moment by suggesting the best repair shop. If it’s the other driver that was at fault, they will have to pay your deductible. 

However, you will find different rules on this. You will need an injury lawyer to help handle the process in such situations. If you are the one at fault for the accident, you will pay the deductible on your policy. The process will occur before the insurance starts to cover the repairs. 

There are instances when you can also experience a hit and run. Such incidents will leave you in a very frustrating and difficult situation. You should seek professional legal help at this moment in time. Contact a car accident lawyer to provide you with immediate help. The professional will help in acquiring fair and full compensation through your policy. 

Remember, there is nothing fun with having an accident. Likewise, there is nothing much you can do to avoid it. However, if you are in this situation, understand what to do next to simplify the process. Filing a claim properly and promptly will return happiness to your face. Eventually, you will enjoy the feeling of your car again. 

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