What is Maximalist Interior Design?


If you are into maximalist interior design, you are lucky because this concept is now making a comeback. If you didn’t know, maximalism has been around for centuries, and you can see it in most people’s homes. However, maximalist interior design has changed over time like any other style. So what you see in other homes may not be similar to the others – the idea of having a lot of things and flaunting them all inside your home has been a key characteristic of maximalism.

Maximalism dates back to the 19th century and made an appearance during the Victorian era. The Victorians are known for being materialistic, especially since goods became accessible and cheaper during their time. When revisiting the Victorian era, you will notice that their homes are full of decorative elements – colorful and patterned wallpapers, lavish accessories, elegant rugs and drapes, and many more.

People who are into maximalist interior design believe that everybody has a unique personality, and they can showcase and express who they truly are by applying the concept of maximalism in their homes. Through this, visitors will know more about who they truly are through the beautifully curated interior of their homes.

What is Maximalism?

Dark colorful home interior with retro furniture, Mexican style living room

Decorating to the max – that’s what maximalism means in simpler terms. However, what exactly is this type of interior design, and how do you characterize it from other interior designs known to people?

It is easy to recognize a maximalist interior because it’s bold and unique, and it makes a statement. A maximalist interior is colorful, full of prints and patterns, layered textures, and relevant objects and material things. Many designers depict this as a hyperpersonal space full of personality – it can be edgy and a bit cheeky.

To easily determine what maximalism is, consider thinking of minimalist interior design. Maximalism is the exact opposite of minimalism, which upholds the concept of “less is more.”

A place with maximalist interior design is bold, chaotic, colorful, and very loud, like it’s making a statement. However, it isn’t chaotic in a way that hurts your eyes and mind – the chaos is well-curated and well-thought-out.

The combination of colors is well-contrasted. Materials are modern with traditional elements. The textures are laid on top of one another. Lastly, objects and material decors are very evident in the room.

In most houses, the area which is well-designed with maximalism is usually the living room. It is mainly because that is where you usually spend most of your time and where you accept friends and guests. So to make your living room a comfortable and relaxing space while applying a maximalist interior, you must follow the concept “the more is better” with extra caution.

Even though a generous amount of decorations characterizes a maximalist interior design, it does not mean they allow and tolerate overconsumption. Maximalism is not about having many things which you can discard easily. Here, pieces are timeless and hold value, and the decors must show off your life and personality.

Here are several features that will guide you in having a maximalist interior design:

Repetitive Patterns


Repetitive patterns are a feature of maximalist interior design. Patterns are usually colorful abstracts, floral patterns, or animal prints. Some people also like applying tropical patterns, so you’ll see beautiful and colorful flowers partnered with palm leaves, banana shoots, and many more.

With repetitive patterns like these, people usually use wallpapers and stick them on the walls. However, if you’re bold enough, you may paint your walls with your desired pattern. However, the downside is that it might be difficult and take too long to finish.

Rich and Intense colors

One of the distinguishing features of maximalism is the colorful palette. Colors in your palette should be rich and intense because those will definitely make a bold statement. Colors usually associated with maximalism include black, emerald, fuchsia, navy blue, sapphire, and violet.

When using these colors, homeowners or interior designers usually use light furniture and display light accessories to balance the effect of the intense colors. Sometimes, people like highlighting these colors using more colorful decors and furniture.

Unique Pieces

modern home living room with floral wallpaper wooden table

A maximalist interior is full of decorative items and material objects. These objects are usually parts of the homeowners’ collection, such as unique souvenirs, antique collections, and classic pieces handed down through generations.

Interesting and unique pieces of furniture also characterize a maximalism interior design. You’ll also notice mirrors placed in golden frames. Aside from these, designers and homeowners like placing retro furniture and bold decors like birdcages and skulls, lamps made out of shells, and colorful flower arrangements, which give character and personality to the area.

Plush and Luxurious Velour Fabrics

A colorful room with textures and repetitive patterns is not exactly maximalist without the plush and luxurious velour fabrics. Plush is made with soft and fluffy material and is essential in maximalist areas as it helps balance out the edginess of the area.

On the other hand, velour fabrics or velvets are soft and wonderful fabrics with a subtle gloss, adding to the elegance of the whole area. Velour and velvets with rich and intensive colors are perfect for adding to your maximalist area. Colors such as emerald, ruby red, sapphire, turquoise, and yellow are ideal to use.

Gold Accent Decors

Sophisticated red bedroom with mirror

Gold accent decors never fail to give an area a classy and glamorous look. Golden accents suit well with different patterns, especially tropical ones. Lamps, lanterns, and mirrors outlined with golden accents will make your room look really snatched. And if you are a little extra, you may add a fancy golden table with glittering or gold candlesticks.

Blending styles and colors

When achieving a maximalist interior design, do not be afraid to blend other styles and colors. For instance, retro styles go well with art-deco or modern decor styles. Another unique but beautiful combination is the retro design and furniture with a hint of macramé crafts. Aside from these, blending bold and intense colors with lighter-colored decors and furniture would look wonderful.

In a maximalist interior design, you must be creative and experimental. Before achieving the perfect interior design for you, you will need to do a lot of work, choose your decors and elements carefully, and learn how to arrange all the objects inside your home properly. 

Maximalism is a very unique and diverse kind of style. It promotes creativity and individualism, allowing the homeowners to experiment and choose something that would make a bold statement and reflect their personality in the interior of their homes.

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