What is the concrete base of a light pole called?


Light poles are everywhere. As we enter the 21st century, the sleep cycle of people has surely changed. They go out at night and spend time outside with family and friends. In the summers, the majority population around the world loves going out at night. However, light poles have changed everything. Now every street, road, and market is bright at night, thanks to these light poles. Traveling at night has become much easier with light poles on the roads, there has been a major reduction in the car accidents that happen at night. Here’s what you need to know about the light pole and its concrete base;

What is the concrete base of a light pole?

The concrete base of the light pole acts as an anchor to the pole, allowing it to become more durable. The concrete base is often known as an anchor base. As it works the same as an anchor of a ship. It holds the pole tightly above ground, like an anchor holds the ship stiffly above water. The concrete base of a light pole is called a precast concrete base. The use of concrete bases has been in the market for several decades. Light poles are getting better every day due to the increase in demand around the world. Some countries have already started using solar light poles that save a lot of energy, and the use of renewable energy has unnumbered benefits that the world can cherish in the coming future.

What are the components of a light pole?

A light pole has several components. There are two types of light poles; the anchor-based, and direct burial light pole. The anchor-based light poles have a concrete foundation that has anchor bolts, nuts, and washers to make the pole durable. However, the direct burial poles are set up by inserting the pole into the ground without a concrete base.

Apart from these, some light poles have a pole cap and a hand hole cover that is used by the electricians to make the connections. Sometimes, the internal wiring gets disrupted and it is important to fix it as soon as possible. In such cases, electricians use the hand-hole cover to fix the internal wiring. On the other hand, pole caps are necessary if the lights are situated on the side of a pole. It is not essential in many cases. A pole is usually 20 feet tall and all the other components are arranged according to the size of the pole. Any miscalculation can be troublesome.

How are concrete light pole bases made?

The most commonly used method to create a concrete light pole base includes several steps. First, the evacuation is drilled and cardboard tubing is used to create a round shape that must be a few feet above grade. Moving on, a rebar cage is placed and the opening of electrical wiring is secured. A template is brought in use to properly maintain exact spacing and alignment. Once this step is done, a third-party inspection is highly significant to analyze the progress.

The third party is known for determining if the steel is placed in the right position and the formwork is established correctly without any mistakes. The next step includes the use of concrete. However, if you don’t want to go through such a long procedure, and want speedy work. The best option is to get a concrete light pole base by Premier Precast. It can surely simplify the work progress. Getting a high-quality concrete base for a light pole can save a lot of money and time. There are several light poles on a road, and making a concrete base for each one of them is a very lengthy task, it’s better to get these bases.

Benefits of concrete base

The precast concrete bases are made stocked to make the project efficient. Using such bases saves a lot of time when it comes to bigger projects. The installation process becomes very easy and many of the risks are avoided. You can also order different designs of the concrete base, depending on your requirements. There are limitless design options for you to choose from. The quality of these concrete bases is also superior.

A light pole can’t be installed every other day if it falls down. Taking risks in such situations can be injurious to people. Durability is one of the pivotal reasons that concrete base poles are highly admired. A concrete base can be used for many other purposes if the pole is removed, you can use it as a deck foundation, flagpole base, and much more. You have all the options to get it designed and use the right paint. Make sure you use high-strength concrete bases. Get these bases from a trustable supplier who gives you maximum versatility with high quality.



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