What Makes Dyson Products So Great?


While many people are interested in getting Dyson vacuums, fans, and other appliances because of their great design, their price tag can sometimes be a hindrance. These types of products have been on the market for a long time, so it’s not clear how a premium brand in this area could differentiate itself. However, it’s easy enough to see why this brand is so great and worth buying compared to the competition.

The Dyson Design Philosophy

It’s no question that this company believes in its design; it’s the main focus in the various marketing and advertising content. Most people see a vacuum or fan as just a practical and ordinary appliance. As long as it works, there isn’t much else to think about. While most home appliances work well enough and perform to the technical design specifications, sometimes things can get a little bit frustrating. While commonplace equipment usually works when you first start it up, continued use isn’t so consistent.

Part of the frustration was actually shared by the brand’s owner, James Dyson. It was a time when he worked for a company as an engineer and designer and wasn’t the owner of his own business just yet. Even though he probably had enough money to live comfortably, some things money just can’t buy, such as a well-designed vacuum cleaner that isn’t made yet. While he happened upon a design that worked well, more frustration ensued with his company that didn’t want to develop it. Instead, he made his own company.

Essentially, these products are designed so that they don’t get in the way. Similar to the products of another well-known brand, they just work. Since the owner of the company is a designer and engineer himself, research and development are a core part of the business. This leads to innovative products that people love to use, including the people involved in making them. It’s not just about a business that’s trying to make as much profit as possible by cutting costs wherever they can find them.

Also, these appliances go through rigorous testing that builds upon the knowledge of current technologies to better make technologies for the future. You can even see how this development goes on Dyson’s website, where the process is clearly explained and presented. This is almost revolutionary for a business to do, even today when the marketplace is so transparent because of the internet. Simply put, you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth for something that you’ll fully use and enjoy using.

In Conclusion

It’s fairly clear to see why Dyson products are so great, even if you’re not completely sold by the impressive marketing. The designers and engineers put a lot of thought and effort into their technologies, making them some of the best. They’re not just expensive because of some arbitrary stylistic or creative reasons; they’re actually worth what they cost because they work so well. Even with the price of Dyson accessories, you’re getting an incredible value with this brand.

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