What Should You Spend on Outdoor Furniture?


Outdoor furniture is as important as indoor furniture, and it would be a mistake to ignore or be casual about the furniture items you shop for your patio, garden, or backyard. There are several ways to improve the look of your outdoor space and buying functional furniture is the first step. And to ease this task, online furniture stores like Helen Storey Antiques are available to offer you the best furniture items at the finest prices. Purchasing quality furniture is an investment and outdoor furniture is no exception. You should know exactly what to look for and what to spend your hard-earned money on.

So how much should you expect to spend? If you’ve already started browsing online, you have probably come across a wide variety of prices for outdoor furniture. And should your budget is running low, let Mr Hire Purchase NZ help you acquire all the furniture that you need under great plans and terms. Generally speaking, a cushioned armchair can range anywhere from $200-$2500. An outdoor sofa can cost anywhere $400-$5000. An outdoor dining set can run from  $400-$6000.

Are the higher price tags justified? Short answer- generally yes but you must consider your personal needs and your specific space. Not all furniture is created equally. What’s the difference between a wooden table at $600 and a wooden table at $1500? Below we’ve outlined the different elements that affect cost and important factors to consider when making an investment in your outdoor space.

  • Enjoy nature from the comfort of your patio or deck and choose outdoor furniture that should enhance the ambiance of the space. It is vital to invest in the right design, look, and quality.
    Design plays a big role in the cost of a piece. This is an obvious one as designer anything will typically run a higher price tag but when considering your budget it’s more than just determining which aesthetic you’re drawn to. After all, design is more than just what meets the eye. Higher end designers will be more likely to consider how a piece functions over cheaply made, mass produced furniture makers. For example the shape of the seat back can drastically affect comfort. Determine what’s important to you in design and function and factor this into your budget.
  • One of the most essential aspects to keep in mind is that the outdoor furniture should be all-weather and top quality. Look for something that is durable, strong, and goes well with the theme of your house.
    Look for outdoor furniture that is water-repellent, UV-resistant, and promises overall durability. Go for breathable outdoor fabrics known for higher performance and quality. Avoid buying low-quality fabrics that will only make your outdoor space look less inviting.Pay attention to the color and material of the furniture and ensure that the materials carry a longer lifespan. Today, one can look for a huge range of performance fabrics in countless textures and colors that won’t fade or wear out even under extreme weather conditions.
  • Consider your lifestyle and how much time you would like to spend outdoors. Thinking about how much use and traffic the space will receive is important in considering durability as well as functionality.
    When outfitting your backyard space, search for the right kind and size of the couch, table, and chairs. After all, your patio or balcony is like a multi-functional space and an extension of your home.
  • It is advisable to invest in outdoor furniture that requires less You would not want to spend most of your time keeping the furniture looking tidy. Look for stain resistant fabrics and hard materials that don’t require lots of cleaning or refinishing.
  • Look at different varieties of materials used to make outdoor furniture and decide what kind meets your needs, style, and budget. The prices can vary because of the quality and quantity of furniture items you buy.

In a nutshell, you need to think out of the box but use your common sense to make the best possible use of your outdoors. See how you can expand beyond the basics and invest in outdoor furniture that will fit your specific needs.

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