What Takes Place After the Bail Amount Gets Set? Essential Things That You Need to Keep in Mind


If your dear one gets arrested, then the first court procedure he or she will witness is arraignment. And when this takes place, several aspects of your legal case will get discussed, which also involves the bail. Check here how much is a bond for failure to appear.

And till such time, you get arrested for a certain offense, the bail amount gets listed on the bail schedule. It’s the judge who will decide the bail amount. The judge will look upon multiple factors, which also comprise of the risk of your escaping before the legal matter resolves. To know more about the bail bond process, you can check out Castle Bail Bonds.

The obligations once you get bailed out of prison

Once the bail amount gets set, a few things will occur before you pay the amount and get released from the jail. First and foremost, you will receive the bail conditions. It comprises of the things you can and can’t do as you get released on bail. It can comprise of terms which can apply to every case or might be applicable for you. For example, a standard bail condition limits the accused from committing any other offense. And in matters where there is violence against another person, the defendant can get restricted from getting in touch with the victim. They can’t even ask another person to communicate on his or her behalf.

Once the bail gets set, you will have the date for your court appearance. The hearing can get scheduled months or weeks later based on the court’s status. You must consider this court date and attend the hearing. If you fail to do so, you might have to face harsh outcomes.

The bail posting process

When you know your bail bonds Midland amount, you can make arrangements to pay it and start the process of getting released from prison. Today, there are a few options of posting the bail. You can pay it from your end. But if the amount exceeds your financial capacity, you can opt-in for a bail bond company. For a non-refundable, little premium, the bail agent will offer a surety to the court that the bail bond agency can pay fully if you don’t show up for the court appearance. It takes about 20 minutes to get a bail bond.

The custody release process

Once the bail got posted by you or the bail bond agency, the release process commences at the jail. Based on the available resources, the release process can get completed within 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

The bail conditions

Once you get released because of the bail, it doesn’t mean you have endless freedom. You need to adhere to the court’s conditions on you. It means you have to be present for the hearings as your legal case is pending. When you violate any bail terms, it can lead to approvals which comprise of, but isn’t restricted to:

  • Bail revocation
  • Bail forfeiture
  • An arrest warrant
  • Re-arrest and getting back to jail

Last but not least, if a family member gets the bail bond on your part, they are called the co-signer. And it is their accountability to make sure that you attend the court hearing after the bail bond approval.


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