What to do in New York even if you are visiting for a week


It is unarguably considered one of the best experiences you can ever engage in by visiting the city of New York in the United States of America. Even though there are other luxury and famous cities to plan a vacation to , New York City will always be a delight. The city’s skyscrapers and soaring monuments are wonders your eyes will feast on for as long as you are seeing it, and the city’s flourishing arts and culture will blow you away. You can take your experience steps further by tasting New York’s design and enjoying the vibrant nightlife and pop culture. Of a surety, New York is a city worth every bit of your money and time, so you can as well get into spending at least a week there. Here are things to do in New York:

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Explore over 5,000 years of human creativity by going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met Museum is considered the New York version of the Louvre. From pre-Columbian artefacts to Renaissance masterpieces you will never tire of finding something new. There are also special collections and exhibits that make your visit to the museum an intriguing one always. You can find cheap plane ticket deals to NY for less than 100 pounds.

Have a feel of Times Square

Times Square is a part of New York that is considered a combination of flashing lights, too many sensory details, on-location television broadcasts, huge and captivating billboards. Times Square is one place to feel the pulse of a buzzing crowd.

Catch up with skyline views of the metropolitan city

Do not return home without catching panoramic views of the lovely city from heights such as the One World Trade Center and Empire State Building. If you can make it the highest floors, then go for it. The views are spectacular, the skyline is iconic and there are dining options as well.

Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge

You would know how exciting it feels to walk on an iconic structure, but walking on the Brooklyn Bridge is even more spectacular. If you have never had the feeling that comes with walking on an iconic structure, the Brooklyn Bridge will leave you wanting for more experiences. You get to see gorgeous views of the skyline firsthand.

Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

For many immigrants, the Statue of Liberty is one of the things they see first as they step unto the American soil. Together with the Ellis Island National Museum, it tells of immigration stories and the many perspectives to it through artefacts, paintings, etc.

Explore life in the Grand Central terminal

The Grand Central is considered the world’s largest railway terminal, and of course America’s busiest railway. Around 700, 000 commuters use it daily so it is always brimming with life. It is a jaw-dropping, magnificent public space, modelled after the Roman public bath. It is a great place to watch some choreography from commuters. To enjoy visiting the place, do not go at rush hours and avoid getting caught in the throng.

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