What to Watch: 4 Romantic Dramas That Are Perfect to Watch Together


If you are tired of American TV shows, it’s time to try something new, for example, the Asian series. Love stories from South Korea and China are awesome: here you have both ghosts and demons… And most importantly, there is real love and romance!

When butterflies flutter in the stomach and the heart is filled with sincere feelings for another person, you want to share this joy with everyone. We have compiled a large selection of the best love dramas to warm the hearts of Asian brides from https://ladadate.com/asian-brides and our readers too.

1. Beating Again

Kang Min-ho is an ambitious investment advisor. He is very prudent, pragmatic, cold-blooded, and does not shun any means to achieve his goals. One day he meets Kim Soon-Jung. She is his complete opposite: kind, sweet, very responsible, and principled. Having met her for the first time, Min-ho feels only irritation and dislike. After a heart attack, the doctors had to transplant a donor heart into the hero, and suddenly, Soon-Jung begins to attract him mysteriously.

 Beating Again

2. Hotel Del Luna

A young man named Gu Chan-sung works as a manager at the Del Luna Hotel. The work is hard because the hotel guests are ghosts! At the Hotel Del Luna, ghosts can experience the last joy of being in this world: all kinds of pleasures, comforts, and luxuries are available to them. The establishment belongs to the cold beauty of Jang Man-wol, who, due to a curse, has been unable to leave the hotel, which has become a prison for her for a thousand years. It seems that fate itself brought the hero to this mysterious place!

3. The Bride of Habaek

According to the custom of the ancient gods, to enter the heavenly throne, the applicant must first pass tests on Earth and prove that he is worthy of this great honor. Handsome Ha-baek goes to Earth to return back as a heavenly ruler. However, his appearance on Earth was far from divine. He literally fell from the sky onto a girl named So-ah.

In the world of people, there is a family that swore to serve the gods. So-ah just belongs to this family. But she is a psychiatrist by profession, so she is skeptical about the theory of gods, ghosts, and other dubious phenomena. For So-ah, the god that fell from the sky is just another patient who needs help. And for Ha-baek, she is the last hope to return home.

4. The Legend of the Blue Sea

One day a mermaid and a man fell in love. But because of human meanness and greed, their love story ended tragically. Many centuries later, in a new incarnation, fate gives the heroes a new chance.

Young mermaid Shim Cheong sees a young man on the shore who attracts her attention. Reincarnated as an ordinary girl, she goes ashore and follows him. Heo Joon-jae is a talented swindler who is a master of hypnosis. At the first meeting, Joon-jae is struck by how defenseless and distinguishing this girl is. Will the heroes get to know each other and find love again?

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