Where To Keep Warm This Winter: Choosing The Hottest Travel Destinations


With cold weather, many people think about where to go on vacation to extend their warm days a little more. There are actually plenty of options — expensive and not so. In addition, most tourist destinations have softened or completely canceled covid restrictions. And now you can go to summer without vaccination certificates and PCR tests.

We don’t offer you top cheap destinations. We are going to show you the top wonderful places where you can warm up this winter and enjoy the sun! Pack your bags, and let’s go!

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The UAE is ready to welcome its guests all year round. The sun shines 360 days a year, and the country pleases tourists with its climate. Dubai remains the leader among other cities. And despite the high prices, the city doesn’t have to complain about the lack of tourists.

You can rent a luxury car right at the airport and go on your fabulous journey. Unique sights, hired sports cars, skyscrapers, and gorgeous beaches await you. You have the option to rent a Ferrari in Dubai per hour or for the whole day and set off on an adventure. Feel all the luxury of the city, hire luxury cars, get first-class service, and taste haute cuisine. Dubai is waiting for you and ready to warm you with its hospitality.



Thailand is an extraordinary and impressive country. Thailand is waiting for its tourists and is ready to offer you a lot of options for recreation — from a relaxing and family pastime to crazy and noisy parties.

Going to Thailand in winter is a great idea. The bright sun is shining, the sea is calm, exotic plants are blooming, and the markets are bursting with fruits. But keep in mind that the season is at its peak since mid-December, and there are three months of high prices ahead. However, tours to Thailand in winter are available for any budget. Therefore, if you want warmth, exoticism, and excellent landscapes, be sure to go to Thailand.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

The period from November to April is considered the most comfortable for a holiday in Sri Lanka. So spending your winter vacation here is the most successful solution. Sunny weather is all day long. The air temperature warms up to 29°C, there will be no tiring heat, and you can easily visit famous excursions.

Perfect beaches, the endless ocean, picturesque jungles, national parks, fishing, and diving — all these await the guests of Sri Lanka in winter. And don’t forget about the huge number of ancient historical and cultural monuments you must visit.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

The classic option for experienced tourists is ready to meet its guests. If you are a fan of rest on the system “all inclusive” hotels with white-sand beaches on the Caribbean coast, then this country in winter is just for you. It is a truly heavenly place for lovers of long white beaches and incredible color waters.

The weather is most beautiful during the winter period in the Dominican Republic. The sun shines almost constantly, a weak warm breeze blows from the ocean, and the air temperature is around 27-28°C. It seems that it’s time for you to plunge into the atmosphere of beach dances and endless fun and enjoy the bright rays of the sun.

Wrapping Up

Of course, the list of destinations where you can warm up this winter isn’t limited to those listed above. Here we can also add Bora-Bora, Seychelles, Maldives, Brazil, Ecuador, and many other countries of our beloved planet.

Choose the one that suits you best in terms of service, entertainment, and, of course, budget.

Travel safely and enjoy your life!

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