Why Does Everyone Love Games?


It is safe to say that video games are a phenomenon, that is the best word to describe them. Travel back in time to when video games first came out, and this was not the case at all. They were still a new technology that made kids become fixated on screens instead of pursuing other more productive avenues. This is likely why the public was initially against them, but as time passed, this began to change. Adults started to play them it became normalised that video games were enjoyable for people of all ages. We now live in a time where practically the whole world has embraced video games, and although there are still some who would say that they are not useful to anyone, the evidence is clear about how beneficial they can be. In fact, a lot of people want to sell genuine Nintendo Switch games on TheOldSchoolGameVault.Com.

There are a host of reasons that people simply love video games. If one were to compare them to any other form of media, then it is clear that video games will always come out on top. All kinds of music can be placed inside video games and the same stories that people fall in love with from movies can just be executed better by video games. However, nothing beats original gaming music that makes every game even more exciting. It will come as no surprise to learn then that the video game industry earns more than both movies and music combined. With video games, players have a completely different level of interactivity that is unmatchable. This just adds to the immersion that players experience, cementing it as one clear reason why most people enjoy video games.

Many people will never have the opportunity to do certain things, and this could be due to all kinds of limitations such as physical or even legal. While it is unlikely that someone who has lost their legs will be able to snowboard, games like Steep allow them to do exactly that. Some might not be able to participate in activities that people who live elsewhere do. Many Americans will know that states like in New York, people can freely gamble. But for those that live in areas where this is not possible, games like GTA V provide a great way for these people to engage in the activity legally.

People can also benefit physically and mentally by playing video games. The physical side of this can be seen most clearly through games that require fast hand movement, such as online shooters. People need to have the right dexterity and hand-eye coordination to become good at these games, so it is clear that repeated play will develop these skills greatly. Some games can also help people’s mental health in the sense that they can make them feel better because of a beautiful story. They can even depict mental health in such a way that brings people comfort that somebody else gets it, such as in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

Video games are truly a phenomenon that have taken the world by storm. People can likely find a console or gaming PC in the homes of most people in the world, and that is a good thing.

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