Why New York Never Became a Gambling Paradise


On the face of it you would think that a city such as New York would have a fairly popular gambling scene, after all this is a bustling city with enormous tourist figures, so why wouldn’t they offer such an option for residents and visitors? The truth is that when we consider the USA, it is Vegas and New York’s neighbors New Jersey which are considered as the home of gambling in the USA. So why is it that the state never branched out and created its own rival to Atlantic City? Well, there are in fact a number of reasons, let’s check it out.


In reality the crux as to why New York doesn’t have a heavy gambling scene is because of the laws which have existed in the state. New York didn’t legalize gambling until the mid-80s, prior to that there was simply a great deal of mafia involvement with hidden gambling rings and illicit casinos. The law may have legalized gambling in the state but it was laced with strict regulations when compared with other states in the nation. Even now gambling must be done inside a fully licensed casino, otherwise it is still classed as illegal.

Online Gambling

Whilst playing roulette for example on sites such as casimba.com/en-gb/roulette may not be legal for a New York resident but there are many online options for online gambling which are legal. What is not legal however is for casino websites or online betting providers being set up in the state, a perfect example of a law which doesn’t quite make sense. Based on the confusion around the law there are many who simply don’t get involved with online gambling and would prefer to spend a few weekends every year in Atlantic City to have some fun with friends and family.


Ultimately the mayors and senators in the state simply do not want, or have not wanted, New York to become the home of gambling. Despite the overwhelming support and the enormous list of benefits which loosening the laws would offer, the local government have simply decided against it and each time a new bill or proposal is brought forward, it is very quickly shut down.


Whether or not this has been because of the years of light restrictions or simply because of the way the city is, there is actually not that much demand from those living in the state or city of New York for it to become a gambling paradise. There is after all so much on offer in this incredible state that to add something else to the mix just doesn’t really seem like something that many are keen on doing. It is widely accepted that New Jersey is the place to go for those who do like to gamble, and after all New York does have some options for those who do wish to have some gambling fun.

As to whether the state will make a name for itself in the gambling world, this seems like something which is becoming less and less likely.

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