Why Xiaomi Phones Should Be More Popular in Singapore


Xiaomi has received much less attention than it deserves. Singapore has a very small market share despite releasing some amazing smartphones. Xiaomi in SG has released all its smartphone models, even some exclusive ones that are not available in Europe.

Looking at some numbers to paint a picture of how Xiaomi is received in Singapore shows just how neglected this brand is. In Singapore, about 25% of all new smartphones sold are wearing the Apple brand. Samsung holds around 17% of the market share. Xiaomi stands at just 3.52%. While it may not be a considerable number, it is still the 5th smartphone manufacturer by market share in Singapore. Now that Huawei is losing ground because of its shift away from Android, Xiaomi may be able to grow its market share.

From an end-user perception, Xiaomi is seen as a mid-range brand that does hold some truth. Xiaomi started by offering excellently priced smartphones with decent hardware. Xiaomi in SG has been the mid-range brand that offers great value for money. With the release of the Xiaomi Mi 11, things have changed. Xiaomi is no longer the brand that offers great value phones with mid-range performances. They have started to tap into the premium or flagship territory by using the top-of-the-line chips from Qualcomm and a well-optimized version of Android. Simply put, Xiaomi started making smartphones that are just as good as a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Knowing that Xiaomi offers a wide range of devices for all budgets, it may be worth considering. Xiaomi in SG launched the Find Mi 11 not too long ago and so far, it received plenty of praise. It was built using the Snapdragon 888 chip and a large 6.81-inch display. The cameras perform excellently and the battery capacity is impressive. It offers flagship performance at a reasonable price. If you need an upgrade, the Xiaomi Mi 11 is worth considering.

Another good option is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro. Xiaomi in SG launched the smartphone in early 2021 as a mid-range device. It uses the slightly dated Qualcomm SM7150 Snapdragon 732G chip. Even if the chip is of an older generation, it is good enough to handle both games and productivity applications. The device itself, just like the Mi 11, is well designed. It is gorgeous and despite being a mid-range device, it has a flagship feel to it. Xiaomi used glass panels on the back for both smartphones and the displays are high-end.

To bring things around and draw a conclusion, Xiaomi in Sg is a brand that is neglected and should receive more love from Android users. It will certainly grow its market share over the coming years but Xiaomi also needs to do its part and continue releasing smartphones that the market wants and needs. So far it has managed to deliver on its core values of being a brand of affordable phones. At the same time, it is nice to see that they also added flagship devices to their lineup to attract even the most demanding customers.

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