Why You Need to Hire A Professional Painter in NYC


It’s no secret that a freshly painted house is pleasing to the eye. But when done poorly, it may not have the same effect.

So if you’re thinking of painting the walls of your house, it may be tempting to do it yourself to save a few bucks. But if you have no previous experience, a simple paint job could turn into a costly mess.

That’s why it’s always worth it to hire a reputable professional painter if you want to see a flawless result. But if you’re still not convinced that they’re worth it, maybe the reasons below may make you want to reconsider.

Time Saver

Depending on the size of the area you’re trying to paint, your project can take hours or days. If you don’t have the extra time on your hands, finishing it may take longer than you like.

So instead of dividing your time on the weekends, you can hire a professional painter instead. They can just set a realistic deadline for when they’ll finish painting, so you won’t have to stress out about your project any longer.

Proper Prep Work

If you plan to freshen up a well-loved home, you might notice a few cracks, chips, and imperfections on the walls. Since the trick to getting a smooth finish is to prep the walls, you must be careful to do it properly.

An experienced painter would know how to patch up walls or repair any damages to ensure the paint has a smooth surface to adhere to. If you have old paint or wallpaper, they would also know how to remove them without damaging the surface.

But prep work doesn’t just end there since the painter will also need to clean and sand the wall before moving on to applying primer.

If you don’t have the time or choose to skip this step, the wall paint won’t be able to last as long. So it’s better to let a professional do it than end up with a bad paint job.

Quality Tools & Materials

The quality of the tools and materials you use is equally important as the paint since low-quality brushes tend to have stiff bristles that can leave unwanted streaks and brush strokes. While cheaper nap rollers quickly shed off their fibers that can stick to the paint.

Since painters do this job professionally, they would know which high-quality tools and materials to use for the best results.

Premium painting services will also have the complete equipment to finish the job. So you won’t have to scramble about looking for ladders, painter’s tape, or drop cloths because they would probably already bring it with them.

Expert Paint Knowledge

If you can’t decide which color or finish to paint your room, you can always ask your painter. Since they have previous experience and accumulated knowledge of their craft, they might have some advice on how your room could turn out.

They also know how various paint types can react when layered over one another. For instance, most won’t realize that you shouldn’t apply satin paint over semi-gloss finishes without stripping it off first; or that you shouldn’t layer oil paint over water-based paint.

Without this expertise, you may make these rookie mistakes and waste your time and money to redo your project.

Prioritize Safety

Painting high ceilings and tall walls can be dangerous if you’re not careful. That’s why a good painting company should have its own safety protocols in place to keep its painters safe from accidents or injuries.

The painters should also be trained on how to work in such situations and equipped with the right gear to help them finish the job with no incidents.

Professional Finish

Perhaps the most important reason why you should hire a professional painter is the quality results they provide.

Since they’ve mastered the techniques of applying paint, there won’t be any traces of drips, splotchy areas, or rough textures. Instead, you can expect to see clean lines, smooth surfaces, and accurate paint colors.

Their work will also tend to last longer because of the quality materials and proper prep work they’ve applied. So you won’t have to worry about needing to repaint for a few years down the line.

If you’re satisfied with their service, the money you spend on the project will also feel worth it.

Looking for a professional painter?

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