80’s Style Homes In New York


People from New York, both new and old, like to reminisce about the 1980s, describing the era as “dark” and “bad times.” It was a distinct era for New York, and most people who survived this era may feel nostalgic when reminiscing this time.

The ’80s were indeed a different era. This was the time when “The American Dream” emerged. Among the most visible changes between today and during the 1980s era was the aesthetic selections homeowners made within their houses. People desired a wonderful house with a white picket fence and a beautifully landscaped yard.

The 1980s weren’t the only period people lived in modern-day homes with perfectly kept lawns. However, during the ’80s, the ambition to become wealthy in NYC was greatly regarded, possibly even more so than at other times.

Many of the newly built and nearly-new homes built in this period contained a dining room, at least one fireplace, two-stall garage, manicured yard, and circular driveway. Aside from that, most 80’s style homes also had a porch called a “breezeway.” These are porches that have roofing with window or screen covers. 

These breezeways were frequently covered, and a second exterior door led around the outside of the house towards the front, but it can also lead you to the back part of the house sometimes. Those who had breezeways frequently liked lounging on their yard or deck furniture. Most people even had nice ventilation, which is good enough for grilling. Additionally, sun porches may serve as breezeways at times. Make sure you continue reading if you want to know where to play legit aus online pokies and other online casino games.

80’s Style Homes

It was not uncommon for homeowners or real estate agents to have old colonial-style homes restored. It is one of the traditional home types still recreated in current housing construction. This type of architecture was a popular home style in the 1980s.

During this period, a lot of houses with contemporary designs became fashionable. Ranch homes, for example, were relatively widespread, and individuals frequently purchased little summer cottages by the lake.

Aside from that, families also usually liked simpler dwellings. Furthermore, two-family houses were sometimes converted into one-family residences and vice versa. These houses are likely to have been bought primarily by persons on a tight budget. Financing was made available to persons with good credit and a track record of on-time payments.

Now and then, homeowners build a greenhouse porch or a hallway with skylights. Those were among the aspects of 80’s style homes that would enable green thumbs and nature lovers to be cool and relaxed in the summer while still enjoying the outside environment fully. 

If homeowners did not groom a lawn with bushes and beautiful flowers around a home, they, at least, groomed the lawn. Furthermore, they occasionally build houses in or near a woodland area. Meanwhile, discover where to play the best casino en ligne that pays real cash.

Rooms of 80’s Style Homes

In general, most houses built during this period consisted of two to three bedrooms. Also, these houses commonly had a family area, a living room, a dining room, and a recreation and entertainment room. 

Kitchens in the ’80s were usually designed with large cooking areas and sufficient storage capacity. It enabled people to taste refined restaurant food without leaving their homes.

Furthermore, several houses were constructed with a minimum of one bathroom, but more frequently than not, one and a half baths. A considerable number of 80’s style homes consist of a sun porch or laundry room.

Some residences, particularly in the later years of this period, had full basements. However, some houses were designed with small crawl spaces for emergency purposes, which they positioned beneath the base of the houses.

Numerous houses were also designed with lofts and office areas. Furthermore, libraries and study rooms were constructed in grander 80’s style homes. Also, during this time, 1980s homeowners commonly installed guest bedrooms in many residences, both estate homes, and common households.

House Furnishing and Decor

House Furnishing

Brass was the commonly used metal for 80’s style homes, gracing everything, including bathroom fixtures to kitchen cupboards. The downside of brass fixtures is that the ones installed in the 1980s seldom reached the end of the decade undamaged. The brass was seldom solid brass — it was coated and disclosed itself after about four years.

Throughout the 1980s, many houses included conventional utilities such as curtains and blinds, a refrigerator, and a stove. Kitchen cabinets and interior wood decors were frequently polished hardwood, like oak.

Most of the 80’s style homes featured honey oak cabinetry during this period. For several interior designers, the style will forever be associated with the 80’s era. They claim that almost all households in the 1980s used the red-orange oak cabinets.

Vertical blinds that are mostly found in motels nowadays are actually a key trend in 80’s style homes, and while they’re mostly found in motels nowadays. However, their inadequate window coverage, along with regular damage, have rendered them largely obsolete.

Drawing inspiration from the French monarchy, elegant ’80s houses featured heavy draperies that might squash a person. 

In the 1980s, a two-panel drape was insufficient to cover the windows of the houses. In addition, elegant rooms also required matching valance curtains and decorative tieback curtains.

Throughout this decade, carpeting became more prominent. Some individuals, however, love the style of a classic area rug on wooden floors in the different areas of the house. During this time, teal carpets were also a trend.

Linoleum or ceramic tiling was commonly utilized in the kitchen area. Furthermore, modern vaulted ceilings or grand cathedral ceilings were also a thing in the 80s.

Sliding doors were frequently added on the back of houses, leading out to something like a veranda or a small patio. These sliding doors occasionally reach the lawn directly outside the property. Still, most of the time, there’s an extra concreted space where homeowners usually put their welcome mats or pieces of furniture. 

Aluminum siding on the outside of homes has also grown in popularity during the 80s. It became an alternative for ancient wood or brick walls commonly used before this period. However, some individuals still favored the traditional wooden wall cladding, so some housing, together with those houses with cedar wood siding, was still marketed during the 80s. Check here how to care for cedar siding with a complete maintenance guide.

During this decade, New Yorkers also used a lot of luxuries and comforts. Tape players, for example, overtook record players and eight-track tapes. This was also the time when a lot of households started installing cable TVs.

Consequently, more residences were equipped with central air conditioning and heating systems. However, even with the emergence of central heating systems, several homes were still using isolated types of heating equipment, like the space heaters.

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