Top 13 New York City Interior Designers


New York City is popular all over the globe for its amazing buildings and skyline. But in practical life, one that looks beautiful from the outside should also have the comforts on the inside. Fortunately, New York City not only has the world’s best exterior and architecture, but it is also the home of the world’s best interior designers. A balanced interior is described as the one that is pretty to look and practical to use.”

Expert interior designers know how to incorporate their clients’ wishes and desires in their work. They also keep in mind that their designs should complement the space and elevate it. Following are the best interior designers of New York City:

Alan Tanksley

The infamous interior designer, Alan Tanksley, is known for his subtle taste of color. Being a professional colorist, he knows how colors complement each other. With his amazing skills and creativity, Alan can surely transform any room into a masterpiece.

This interior designer company was founded in 1993.  When the work from this legend started to come out, he gained instant popularity. With only a few people in his team, Alan worked day and night to get into the list of New York City’s top interior designers.

Now, Alan Tanksley is one of the leading interior designers of New York. His work is known and showcased throughout the world. If you are looking for an interior designer who can renovate your residential or commercial property’s interior and take it to the next level, Alan is your guy. 

Address: 54 West 21st Street, Suite 809, New York

Find Alan here:

Betty Wasserman

Known and featured by several national and international magazines, Betty Wasserman is one of the finest interior designers of the country. She owns a studio in the heart of Manhattan, New York. This place serves as the headquarters for Betty, and this is the place where all the magic happens.

One thing that makes Betty stand out from the rest is that she was the founder of the first online gallery of New York called dotCom Gallery. Through this gallery, she gives a chance to young artists to show off their talent. And when she likes something from it, she features it in her projects.

Right now, Betty Wasserman’s work is considered as one of the best in the city.

Find Betty here: 

Elisabeth Martin – MDA Group

The brains behind the wonderful interior of Brooklyn Public Library is of this legendary woman named Elisabeth Martin. Born and grown up in New York, she has worked in the city all her life. With the experience of more than 30 years, Elisabeth has gained the utmost excellence in her field. 

She is most famous for her works in the public sector. A lot of buildings that we love and admire were put together by her. Her popular projects include the New York Public Library, Queens Public Library, and many others. 

Because of her untiring efforts, Elisabeth was awarded the American Institute of Architect’s prestigious Public Architect Award in 2002. Her work is appreciated throughout the country. Interior designers like her are the reason behind the popularity of New York.

Address: 874 Carroll Street, Ground Floor, Brooklyn

Find Elisabeth here:

Evelyn Benatar – New York Interior Designs

The founder of New York Interior Designs, Evelyn Benatar, is a well-known personality of her field. She is famous for her edgy styles and bold use of colors in interiors. She decided to change the concept of luxurious interior and used her talent to bring smiles on her clients’ faces.

Evelyn holds an experience of more than 20 years. For more than two decades, she has converted peoples’ dreams into reality. Her main goal has always been to satisfy her clients.

The work done by her firm, New York Interior Designs, is appreciated all over the world. Their designs have been featured in several magazines, including the Wall Street Journal. Evelyn’s work was also featured in a popular TV-show called Selling New York.

Find Evelyn here:

Liz Tiesi – Threshold Interiors

The face behind the all-time famous company Threshold Interiors, Liz Tiesi, is known all over the country for her creativity in interior design. This New York-born designer completed her studies from London and then started her career in her hometown.

Her company is based in the West Village, New York. She has a small place where she comes up with all her brilliant ideas. 

The work done by Threshold Interiors is considered very trendy among the locals. The firm’s designs are famous for their practicality and modern styles. People love Liz’s work on their furniture and admire how she can turn anything into a sophisticated and livable space.

Address: 505 West 19th Street, New York

Find Liz here:

Kelly Weldon

After designing several projects for international clients, Kelly Weldon decided to start her own business. She settled her company in her hometown, New York, in the year 2007. Her work became popular as soon as she featured her brand.

Kelly is known for her unique sense of style. She got famous for her innovative use of different materials and finishes. Locals who know her, always want to get their hands on her designs.

Find Kelly here: 

Eric Cohler

The master of making fresh and crisp interior designs, Eric Cohler, is famous for his classy designs and art. He is a man of passion and his love for work can be seen in his designs. He portrays the story of his clients through his magical art on their furniture. 

Eric got popular because of his versatility. Throughout his career, he has changed his ideas to reflect the personality of his employers. He works day and night to bring comfort in the lives of his precious clients.

Because of his honesty and hard work, Eric is appreciated by the people of New York City.

Address: Eric Cohler Design, 95 Fifth Avenue, Sixth Floor, New York

Find Eric here:

Kati Curtis 

Kati Curtis is the new face of New York’s interior design. With the massive client range from both national and international regions, she has made a huge impact on the industry of interior design.

Kati’s work is known and appreciated globally. From residential spaces to commercial offices, she has done it all. She is also called the storyteller as she describes her client’s wishes through her work with the aid of visual arts.

Address: 130 West 57th Street, New York

Find Kati here:

Hilary Unger – Perianth Designs

Perianth Designs, owned by Hilary Unger, is a New York-based interior design company. This local interior designer takes pride in developing elegant work for her clients that directly inspires their energy, creativity and productivity.

Hilary is known for her interactive and friendly nature. She takes inspiration from her day to day life, and her mindset is clearly seen in her designs. She caters to both residential and commercial projects. The people of New York admire her work. Those who hire her for their space renovations do not regret their decision.

Find Hilary here:

Victoria Hagan

The award-winning interior designer, Victoria Hagan, initiated her company almost 25 years ago. Her firm evolved through different trends and always managed to provide its clients with the best of both worlds.

Victoria is famous for her early consultation sessions with her clients. She makes sure that her work reflects her client’s imagination. She also owns a furniture line and incorporates her own materials in her designs. This makes her work unique than the others.

Address: 5 Columbus Circle, New York

Find Victoria here:

Rinat Tahar

Rinat Tahar, the founder of Tahar Décor, has touched unlimited hearts through her impeccable work. She is popular for the designs she has produced for the prominent personalities of the country. She has a unique sense of modern styling and color combinations.

With her signature style of work, her passion is to create a beautiful space for her clients. She gets inspiration from purity and reflects her freshness in the designs she creates. Rinat’s mentality is that every room is her canvas; therefore, she tries to paint them with the best colors possible.

Find Rinat here:

Sara Story

Sara’s collections feature some of the most famous designs in the entire world. This New York-based interior designer changed the game of casual living with her eponymous design firm Sara Story Design. She has been featured in the list of top 50 interior designers of New York. She was also included in the list of Top 5 to Watch.

With the amazing color palette and a strong eye for edgy styles, she knows how to create the best designs that can please her clients. As the name of the company says, Sara definitely knows how to tell a story through furniture.

Being a member of America’s Society and the Design Leadership Network, Sara is playing her part in redefining the modern-day interior. She is not only an incredible interior designer but, in fact, a motivation for other design enthusiasts as well.

Address: 1123 Broadway, Suite 907, New York, NY

Find Sara here:

Nicole Fuller

With exceptional creativity, Nicole Fuller manages to provide her clients with the best experience of their lives. She is famous all over the world for her luxurious collections. Her work is admired across the globe. She managed to create a beautiful balance between elegance and edginess. This balance made her stand out in the field and became her signature.

People hire her design firm to get renovations, and she makes sure to exceed her clients’ expectations every single time. Featured in the New York Times, this interior designer has surely changed the game of the field.

Address: 39 East 20th Street, New York

Find Nicole here:


All the interior designers we mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg when all the interior designers of New York City are considered. One cannot compile all the legendary workers of the city in a single list. But those who were mentioned are the best of the best. These people work hard to produce remarkable designs. 

Their work is showcased and showed off in every sector. From presidential offices to local shops, the work of the above interior designers is admired everywhere.

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