9 Smart Ways of Increasing Garage Storage


The Average cost of living in Scottsdale, Arizona, is approximately 33% higher than the national average. This high living cost affects the housing prices, which in turn increases the rents of places.

The rate of homeownership is the highest in Scottsdale, Arizona, as compared to the other cities. An Average Storage unit of 5’x 10’ will cost 118.33$ per month. This high rate in property rentals forces residents to increase the storage in their homes.

Increasing Garage Storage in Scottsdale is a frugal way to store more goods without paying high rental fees for storage units. Your Garage can be transformed into a multifunctional storage unit, where not only you can park your automobile, but you can also store your possessions.

Here are a few ways you can enhance the storage space in your garage

Commodity Organization

Most households own more stored material than there is space. These space issues are mainly caused due to the unorganized stacking of stuff. When your belongings become paraphernalia that is when you feel the need to declutter and store your artifacts more safely.

The first step to organizing your commodities is prioritizing. Many people become hoarders without even realizing it. While deciding which artifact to preserve, you need to weigh its pros and cons. We mainly store random effects just because we find them exciting but taking a decision is essential if storage is limited.

The second step to systemizing your accouterments is classifying them into various categories. After classification, you need to assemble them in the order of most used to least used. Arrange the most used piles in the most accessible area and vice versa.

Hang your bicycle

If you are someone who is ardent about bicycling and owns two or more bicycles in your house, instead of stalking these bicycles use a set of hooks or hanging supports to help you mount your bike or ladder on the wall. You need to see this post if you’re looking for top-of-the-line louvre panel hooks.

You can also hang other chattels on the wall such as spare tires, pipes, wires, or repairing equipment. In this manner, you will be able to keep this frequently used equipment in easy reach.

Install Retractable Loft

Often people have trouble keeping the heavy goods or acquiring a considerable amount of space. These possessions may include furniture, old machinery, or other miscellaneous artifacts that you are hesitant to throw out.

A retractable loft that suspends along the ceiling can solve the problem of storing these significant belongings. These lofts are built to hold heavy-weight objects and are safe to use. These increase the storage capacity up to two folds.

Build Cabinets

With the rise of fast fashion in the market, owning clothes has become an uncomplicated and penny-wise process. This has caused many people to buy plenty of clothing items. With the increase in clothing items, the cupboards have run out of space.

A spacious cabinet system can increase the storage of a house adequately. A custom built cabinet system can amplify the space as per your demands. You can install railings to hang clothes or build a garage cabinet system to increase storage for other articles of necessity.

Instate Wall Shelves

The empty walls of your garage can amplify your storage capacity if you install wall shelves. Wall shelves are ideal for storing equipment that is regularly used and needs to be in closer proximity at all times. It can keep your gardening tools, paints, and tools.

Wall shelves are convenient for the wallet and also easily reachable. You do not require any ladder or stool to pick something from shelves.

Overhead Storage Slides

An amplitude of space is accessible over your head, and you have no clue. You can install totes slides in your garage to increase storage. Totes do not require a lot of space to hang below the ceiling, and they can store your collection of goods in them very safely.

Tote slides are not unsafe. They have a fully functional mechanism that keeps them intact. You can add as many drops as your roof allows you to; there is no limit to them.

Use Pullout shelves

If you want to store goods that are not frequently used but are essential to certain situations such as renovations or house repair you can install pullout shelves or drawers in your garage to make sure that these items remain out of sight but conveniently in reach.

Induct an Overhead Rack

If you do not have funds for a retractable loft, but you want to expand the storage extent, you may invest in an overhead rack. An overhead rack is suitable for heavy materials and can store storage totes in an efficacious way. It is beneficial for all types of users.

These can be an excellent alternate option for both overhead storage slides and retractable lofts. The only difference is that you may require a stool or a ladder to reach the rack. If you find it convenient, it may be a worthwhile choice.

Invest in Tool Organizers

Garages are the most common places for people to store their tools in. Be it the tools of gardening or mechanics, and both can acquire a significant space in your garage. Henceforth buying a tool organizer can increase the space by specifying an area for their storage.

You can fix a metal pegboard on the wall for mechanical apparatus or purchase a sports rack for sports equipment. These organizers will designate a space for the tools, which will also make the cleaning process easier.

Installing all these amenities will help you in making your garage more capacious. These gadgets might cost you some banknotes, but it will be a one-time expense, while if you rent a storage unit, the expense becomes monthly.

Make sure you make a plan or a rough draft before you install any of these contraptions. Do not jump right into installing if you are doing so yourself. Rather, seek the help of a professional for measured and well-ordered installation.

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