A Beginner’s Guide To The Best Wall Clock Brands


Wall clocks, just like any other statement piece in your home, should be chosen with care. You want the furniture to match your personality, your home and your future.

Time is ticking after all, so you shouldn’t hang just any old clock in your home. A clock design will tell the viewer who you are, how you see your home, and if you care about details. As the second hand travels over the face of the ornament, it will reveal to the viewer how you see time. Meanwhile, you can read next to find out the best outdoor clock you give as a gift to your loved ones or friends.

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What Wall Clock Brand To Pick

There are hundreds of wall clock brands for you to pick from, and in just a short while, we will show you the best. However, first you need to know what to look for in your clock.

Style is everything. Would you like a clock face that resembles the time of yester-year, or would you like an ornament that suggests the fashions of the future. Do you want something clear of clutter, or do you desire details to get lost in.

These are questions you can answer, but think them through carefully. Whatever your style is, it can be accommodated, so it’s worth waiting for the right choice.

To help you on your way, we have gathered a list of the best brands on the market. Each could be named the Best Wall Clock simply due to their mechanical designs and beautiful display, but in reality it will be you who decides which brand suits your home.

Rolex – Sleek and Classy

Rolexes are mostly known for their wrist watches, but they are just as good at creating wall clocks too. The Rolex company was the first brand to receive a Chronometer certification for a wrist watch back in 1910.

Sticking to a classic and sleek design, most of their wall clocks are simple. Often used in auction houses, boutiques and showrooms, some people consider their stripped back design an elegant choice without warmth.

This cold connection could come from the lack of numbers, but it’s undoubtable that a Rolex wall clock in your home will create an atmosphere for opulence.

Patek Philippe – Luxury and Travel

Patek Philippe has been around since 1839. It is one of the oldest living time capturing companies, and with its age, Patek Philippe can develop an essence of luxury.

Gold is often used in their pieces. You could find it on the rims of the clock, in the hands, or along with the markers. Although this classic touch is a statement in itself, the most impressive part of a Patek Philippe is its dedication to mixing location with time. Some of the more well-known pieces from this brand will tell you the time in London, Rio, Hong Kong, and more without adding an LED screen onto the clock face.

Unfortunately, the most likely place to buy a Philippe now is through auction, as the much-loved brand is very rare and valuable.

Breguet – Timeless Art

If you were hoping for something less showy than a Patek Philippe but more standout-ish than a Rolex, then let us present you with a Breguet.

The Breguet wall clocks create an elegant feeling of almost royal essence. The clock’s face always has some kind of delicate pattern that doesn’t dominate a room. You can often find 4 hands on a Breguet wall clock, the second, the minute, the hour, and another one that doesn’t have an official name.

We like to call it the twilight hand, as it shows you if you are looking at day or night, but nothing in between. The original version of the “am” or “pm” sign, this fourth hand clicks between showing you a moon and showing you a sun, adding another layer of beauty to the classic artwork.

Omega – Choice and Bespoke

Most brands of the caliber we are looking at won’t offer their wall clocks in their catalogs, but Omega does. They show off their wall clocks with pride.

Not only does Omega have a long list of wall clocks for you to choose from, but they will also make a bespoke one for you for a fee.

One of the best-selling wall clocks is in the style of a stopwatch. Ticking in union with a second by its side, the pair count together as if waiting for you to finish a race.


These brands display wall clocks like a piece of art instead of a need for function. Show everyone coming into your home that you too see more in these art forms than their ticking functionality.

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