Top 10 Famous New York City Based Fashion Designers

Fashion is an ever-changing part of daily life. All past eras can be recognized because of the distinct look people had back then. Clothing and its design has evolved along with mankind, and has almost always taken inspiration from current events and societal norms. As such, fashion designers have always been sought after throughout history for their skill of reimagining basic cloth into appealing shapes and patterns.

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With New York City being the melting pot and commerce hub that it is, it is perhaps of no surprise to everyone that some of the best fashion designers as well as trade show models of today are based there. Setting up shop in New York City means your product makes it to the forefront of the market before almost anyone else and gets the coverage it deserves. And with New York’s population, a fashion designer’s product becomes popular very fast. Do you wonder What are the Most Useful Templates for Fashion Business?

1 & 2. Shane Gabier And Christopher Peters

Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters both graduated the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. However, that is not when they got to know each other. That happened later down the line when both Shane and Christopher had started their own careers. When the two finally met, they instantly hit it off and opened the brand ‘Creatures of the Wind’. Their brand has since earned itself many nominations; including Fashion Group International’s Rising Stars, the International Woolmark Price, and Swarovski Award for Womenswear.

The duo strikes a nice balance between simplicity and dynamism. Their designs are known to draw inspiration from myth, and to not go overboard. The end result is an outfit that does not look out of place and yet draws everyone’s eye. The control the duo show over their imagination produces some truly striking looks.

3. Rosie Assoulin

If a woman was looking for comfortable, practical wear that still manages to look astounding she would only need to look as far as Rosie Assoulin. Rosie Assoulin spent most of her life in Brooklyn and for almost all of it, was aware of what she wanted to do; fashion design. Rosie had a connection with fashion, and was naturally talented at it as we would come to find out later. 

Rosie Assoulin spent a few years in event and floral design before coming back to her most passionate desire. In 2014 her collection was debuted for the first time and since then it has been nothing short of art on her part. With a Rosie Assoulin design, you know that not only are you going to ace that dreamy Summer look, but are going to feel great doing so the whole time.

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4. Tory Burch

One of the wealthiest fashion designers based in New York, Tory Burch’s line of clothing is another entry into the ‘comfortable and oh so pretty’ genre of fashion design. If you’re looking to nail that cute gal look, Tory Burch is where you need to look for your next clothing items. With a wide variety of designs available, Tory Burch offers everything from simple blouses to skirts and sundresses.

Burch Tory has a major in Art History from the University of Pennsylvania and certainly puts her knowledge to good use. Obviously, she used a custom research paper writing service for her essays as she was quite busy doing designs. Browsing through her catalog is sure to provide you with multiple dresses you take a liking to. It doesn’t hurt that Tory herself is quite the looker and can model for her own designs if she wants.

5. Catherine Holstein

Catherine Holstein’s brand Khaite’s products can be described in one simple word: pretty. If you want to look pretty, you go with Khaite. What kind of pretty? All kinds pretty much. Be it jeans or sweaters, mini dresses or gowns, Catherine Holstein has you covered. Catherine Holstein has basically taken all the everyday clothing items you’re familiar with and added her own unique twist.

Catherine Holstein, in many cases, has taken inspiration from her childhood; when she would play with floral and plaid patterns as well as play with her grandmother’s necklaces. Her adorable childhood habit of wearing said necklaces in her hair has led to the unique products we see from her today.

6. Donna Karan

Donna Karan

Donna Karan, born in 1948 and currently aged 71, founded the very popular label Donna Karan New York. Donna Karan’s mother was a model and her father a tailor, traits that might have influenced Donna’s career path. After graduating from Hewlett High School, Donna Karan attended the Parsons School of Design.

Donna Karan New York boasts a staggering amount of choice, and each product has one thing in common; it gives off an impression of utter class. Donna Karan’s designs are the ones you turn to when you want to radiate a powerful aura and let everyone in the vicinity know that you mean business. Be it coats, suits, shirts, or sweaters, each item looks and feels like high-quality craftsmanship.

7. Carolina Herrera

arolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is a Venezuelan fashion designer that has been popular for decades and has had the honor of dressing multiple First Ladies of the United States. Born in 1939, and currently aged 81, Carolina Herrera had a lot of experience in the fashion industry before she launched her brand in 1980 under her own name.

Carolina Herrera’s clothing can be described as nothing short of bold. Each item if hers screams ‘look at me!’. When you buy Carolina Herrera you not only ensure that you’ll turn heads, but you also ensure that they’ll keep following you long after you’ve walked past them as they struggle to take in the extravagance you’re emitting off your person. Carolina Herrera has a decent selection of various kinds of clothing items; from colorful melodies in cloth form to symmetrical designs that complement your stature.

8. Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Born in 1959 on Long Island, Michael Kors apparently had a taste for fashion design since he was a little boy. Perhaps influenced by his mother’s career as a model, Michael Kors allegedly redesigned his mother’s wedding dress at the age of 5 for her second marriage. Michael Kors was only 14 when he decided to become a fashion designer, and even sold clothes as a teen.

His brand, Michael Kors, sells both men and women’s wear. Michael Kors’ products are the ones you’d buy if you didn’t want to stand out in a group but didn’t want to completely blend in either. Not too flashy or exuberant, Michael Kors’ clothing items will help you be a part of a crowd right up till the point when someone takes notice of you. Then, you’ll be the center of attention.

9. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein was born in 1942, and launched a company that would be known as Calvin Klein Inc. in 1968. Calvin Klein attended the High School of Art and Design and received an honorary doctorate from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology in 2003.

Calvin Klein boasts all kinds of clothing items for both men and women. Calvin Klein’s designs are pretty classy; traditional designs with just a slight tweak. Each item has that slightly distinct feel to it that might end up in someone recognizing it and asking you if it’s Calvin Klein material. If you like that kind of exclusivity, Calvin Klein is your man.

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10. Vera Wang

Vera Wang

If none of the above-mentioned designers have been cutting it for you and you’re looking for a little more eccentric clothing, Vera Wang is your stop. Born in 1949 to Chinese immigrants, Vera Wang attended the University of Paris and went on to earn a degree in Art History from Sarah Lawrence College.

Her brand of her own name is geared towards the more interesting type of fashion. Dealing in outerwear as well as bridal dresses, Vera Wang’s products are what you get if you want to be the most out-of-place yet still good-looking person in the room. Like artistic tears or giant fluff covering your torso? Or maybe a dress that’s short and long in all the “wrong” places? Then Vera Wang’s extensive selection awaits.


Being New York City it’s no surprise that the fashion designers based there are just as diverse in their trade as the city’s residents. Whatever type of clothing you might be looking for and look you might be aiming for, there is perhaps no better place than New York City to do your shopping from.