What Are The Biggest Parades Held Each Year In New York City?

labour day or west indian day parade in new york city 2008

New York City is a diverse city and a cultural hub because of the large number of immigrants who live there. Because of this diversity, the city has found ways to celebrate and showcase its happiness through various parades.  These parades bring people together from different backgrounds and promote a sense of … Read more

The Different Music Events in New York City

people enjoying a concert

New York has the reputation of being one of the most popular cities in the world that probably never sleeps. The nightlife here is exhilarating – you can go from being the hard worker employee your boss can easily rely on to being the heart of the party, dancing away all night. … Read more

Famous Historic Events of New York

Famous Historic Events of New York

The bustling New York you see today was once a part of New Netherlands. It was a Dutch colony that was discovered by the explorer Henry Hudson in 1609. The Dutch ship sailed by the Hudson River and many people called it a home. It later took the name it has today, … Read more