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2020 was a frustrating year for many of us. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many of us were told to stay at home to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Although 2021 looks to be a bit more positive due to the news that the world’s population should be receiving vaccines, many of us still stay at home. Being at home for most of the day has given us a chance to make some home improvements. Alterations that many of us have wanted to do for a long time. 

To avoid meeting others and putting people in our household at risk, rather than hiring a professional service to take on the task of improving our homes, many of us have decided to take on the challenge ourselves. 

These 5 interior and exterior tips will help you to save money, make your home look great, and hopefully will make the chores a bit easier to complete. 

Purchase a Whole House Air Purifier for Your Home

Have you ever wondered if your home has contaminated air? Have you got pets that leave behind a bad odour in your home? Are there smokers in your household? Does anyone in your household suffer from asthma or allergies? Have you considered that the air small children in your house are breathing in might be bad? If so, a whole-house air purifier might be the perfect solution. 

Rather than purchasing a small air purifier for each room, there are whole-house air purifiers available on the market. A whole-house air purifier will get rid of contaminated air in each room throughout your home. A fragrance can be added to the device that will give off a nice odour leaving your home smelling great. They can help kill dangerous insects like mosquitoes that can cause harm to people in the household. Over the last few years, these air purifiers have become an extremely popular addition to people’s homes. 

Because of their popularity, there are many different air purifiers on the market and prices tend to vary. Devon Wick is a brand that could help you get the experience you are looking for. You should be able to purchase a whole-house air purifier that won’t burn a huge hole in your wallet.

DIY Landscaping & Gardening Tips

During 2020 if you lived in a home with a garden you were one of the lucky ones! BBQs, fresh air, exercise, etc. were a great way to forget about the pandemic especially during the summer period. 

Many of us made small improvements to our gardens, however, others might have considered making some serious changes. If you are considering landscaping the whole garden, unless you have the skills and know-how, perhaps employing a professional landscaping company like Cutter landscaping Austin

Layering the flowers in your garden can help improve your lawn. The best way to make your flowers look great is by layering the flower borders into three separate rows. The back row should be the tallest flowers, ideally, these should be facing north. The middle row should be medium-sized flowers and the front row should be the smallest. If possible, use different colours in each row.

Tree Trimming & Tree Removal

A simple way to improve your lawn is by tree trimming. It’s amazing the amount of trimming you can do yourself without having to hire a professional tree removal company. A good quality set of pruning shears makes it easy to maintain the branches of your trees. Because they are small, you can easily climb a ladder and get rid of those unwanted branches. Tree trimming is important for your trees to stay healthy. Make sure you wear heavy-duty gloves, protective goggles, and a hard hat when trimming the trees on your property.

Many people worry when they hire a tree removal company because they often use harmful chemicals and fertilizers to remove the stumps that can cause permanent damage to your garden. These chemicals can also cause a fire hazard. Chemicals like Epsom salt is a safe chemical you can use. This is how to remove a tree using Epsom salt:

  1. Drill lots of holes into the stump. Each hole should be around an inch apart. Drill each hole as far into the stump as possible. Try and make each hole around an inch in diameter. 
  2. Slowly pour the Epsom salt into each of the holes. After, pour some of the salt around the rest of the stump. 
  3. Lightly pour or spray water on the salt apart from the holes. 
  4. Place a waterproof cover over the stump so the salt doesn’t wash away. After a few months, the solution will draw water from the stump and roots. Make sure to cover the area with fresh soil.

Epsom salt is cheap and readily available at most DIY stores. 

How To Clean Old Coffee Stains From Your Carpet

Carpets have been a popular choice of flooring surfaces for decades. Unfortunately, many carpets stain easily. You might think a dried coffee stain is impossible to remove, however, this simple solution should have your carpet looking new. You can also check out great options at places such as Carpet To Go Bellevue as well.  You’ll need the following to get your carpet back to its original look:

  • Spray Bottle
  • Kitchen cloth or clean kitchen towel
  • Coldwater
  • 8 tablespoons of dish liquid
  • 1 ½ cups of hydrogen peroxide

Follow these steps:

  1. Pour the 8 spoons of dish liquid and the 1 ½ cups of hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and shake well. 
  2. Get a kitchen cloth and lightly dampen the area where the stain is. Make sure to blot the water. If you scrub the area you are more than likely to make the stain worse. 
  3. Spray the solution on the area. Spray deep into the carpet making sure you get into the carpet’s fibre. 
  4. Leave the solution for around 15 minutes. The stain should gradually fade away. 
  5. Blot the area multiple times with a clean kitchen towel.

Be sure to check out Dan Dan the Carpet Man covers the best and most effective ways to remove caramel from your carpet.

Lots of people decide to replace the carpets with new ones or hire a professional carpet cleaning company to fix these unwanted stains, however, lots have found success with this solution. 

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