The Buildings That Have Helped NYC in Acquiring The Throne of Magnificence


In its every nook, New York keeps wonders. Maybe, its art museums and skyscrapers or civic institutions or residences, New York City holds the most number of buildings globally. With an astounding variety to showcase, the city has its triumph successfully while many others are trying to reach the radiance in NYC’s skylines. The abundance of landmarks often makes it’s trickier to keep track of them. But today, to make you acquainted with the tremendous architectural zeal the city possesses, we have created this NYC building guide for you.

1. The U.N Headquarters Building

When it was opened in 1952, the United Nations headquarter, located between 48th and 42nd streets, was the embodiment of postwar peace hopes. This building in Gotham represents the first international architectural example. Although the headquarter encompasses three different establishments, the tower where the U.N Secretariats reside is the most iconic building segment. One of the best Brazilian architects, Oscar Niemeyer, designed the famous vertically positioned slab parallel to the water.

2. The Century

Named after a famous theater once located in Central Park West, the Century apartment building holds a sleek-looking contemporary exterior, which has made it look unique among the Beaux-Arts buildings surrounding it.  Though the century was constructed in 1931, it was joined with another structure after a few years. The sister building it’s connected to is called the Majestic, which holds a similar machine-age fashion. Both of these buildings are easily noticeable from Central Park.

3. The McGraw Hill Building

A product of the amazingly creative thinking of Raymond Hood, the McGraw Hill Building has an exclusive presence for its exterior designed with green ceramic terra-cotta tiles. Holding its architectural zeal, the building is finely nestled behind the American Standard Building and Rockefeller Centre. A member of Art Deco attractions of NYC, the McGraw Hill building was developed in 1931. Looking like the fantasy future of Buck Rogers, the building stands firm, carrying its name on its flanged crown.

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4. The Dakota

You can charm your eyes with just one majestic sight of the building Dakota positioned at the corner of Central Park and 72 nd Street. Known as one of Manhattan’s exclusive and prestigious coop buildings, the building was built in 1884. When the building was being constructed, the area around it was wide open. But, its presence raised many luxury buildings around the Upper West Side of New York afterward. You won’t have any problem recognizing it since several domes and gabled rooftops scream for Dakota’s distinct existence.

5. The City Hall of New York

The dwelling and office of the NYC Mayor, the New York City Halls, means artistic grandeur at its best. The prominence the building possesses often gets unnoticed by many because of the high rises near the City Hall. When you are in front of the building, inside of its interior dome, the sheer artistic brilliance of the French and Georgian Renaissance is enough to make your rollout of awe.

This building of New York City is a witness of a significant period of American history as well. Graves of President Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant are located inside the building area.

It would be tough to mention all the magnificent buildings NYC surrounds within any single list. There are magnitudes of other mentionable names like the Chippendale Building, Seagram Building, Lever House, 100 Eleventh Avenue, ICA Building, and many more. All of them are must-visit sights because of their splendorous presence. If you live in New York or plan a trip to the city, take some time to visit at least some of these buildings.

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