Learn About the History of Georgian Architecture

Grand Terraces depicting Georgian Architecture.

When one thinks of Georgian architecture, images of grand, stately homes with symmetrical facades and elegant details often come to mind.  Georgian buildings are not only beautiful, but also functional and reflect the values of the people who commissioned them. The significance of Georgian architecture is demonstrated by the way it continues … Read more

What is Postmodern Architecture?

Neue Staatsgalerie

Some believe that we live in the modern era, but others think we are not. Some people prefer to refer to our time as the postmodern era. For academics and artists, postmodernism is a way to describe the second half of the twentieth century and its reactions to the early twentieth century’s … Read more

What are the Top 10 Most Used Architecture Styles in New York?

Pieter Claesen Wyckoff House

As soon as you step foot in New York City, you will be drawn to the city’s architecture. New York City’s skyscrapers, reveals that no two buildings are alike, and each contributes a unique flavor, making it one of the world’s most architecturally diverse cities. It’s not a secret that New York … Read more

What is Deconstructivistic Architecture?

Decontructivism Architecture

Even if you’re an architectural expert or a novice fan of architecture, you’ve probably asked, “What is deconstructivist architecture?” The word “deconstructivist” is constantly underlined by Microsoft Word as if it doesn’t exist. When applied to architectural theory, the philosophical movement “deconstruction,” from which deconstructivism emerged, becomes even more difficult to comprehend … Read more

Examples of Postmodern Architecture in New York City

Equitable Tower Axa Center

What began as a strong critique of Modern minimalism now dominates the international architectural arena. Postmodernism swiftly replaced pure modernism as the favored design paradigm of capitalist firms seeking progressive credentials; it has fused architectural traditions into a mishmash of token homage to the past. The paradoxical relationship between Postmodernism and the … Read more

Examples of Cast-Iron Architecture New York City

Example of Cast Iron Architecture

Ambulance sirens, darting bikers, and fantastic shopping places are all seen in New York City’s downtown. New York is a metropolis of neighborhoods, and one area in Manhattan stands out for its rich history of distinctive architecture. The community was known as “SOuth of Houston” is called “SoHo” because it is in … Read more

Examples of High-Tech Architecture in New York City

Futuristic Architecture of New York

One can find hundreds of famous skyscrapers in the Big Apple, from office towers to luxury apartments with breath-taking vistas. New York City’s unique and extraordinary architectural landscape has long been associated with the city’s identity. New York City’s landmark structures have made it one of the most popular and well-known cities … Read more

What is Cast-Iron Architecture?

Soho Street New York

During the Industrial Revolution, cast iron was cheap, and steel hadn’t been produced, leading to Cast iron being utilized to create a new kind of architecture known as cast-iron architecture. Since the 17th century, cast iron has been used for street furniture, fences, screens, gates, and ornamentation. In the 18th century, cast … Read more