Which to Use – Ionic or Doric or Corinthian Columns?

An Image Displaying Ancient Columns of Greek Architecture.

Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian columns are the architectural orders that originated in the classic era of ancient Greeks. These architectural orders differ from one another in their structure and outlook.  The structural integrity of these columns is commendable in providing support to the buildings. They are quite unique in their style and … Read more

What are the defining characteristics of Doric Greek Architecture?

The valley of the temples

There’s something unique about medieval architecture that makes us wonder, “How were they able to achieve that?” Imagine if they had today’s modern construction machinery, things would’ve been way different. Roman, Greek, Aztec, and Indian architectural works enchant us whenever we look at them. In simpler terms, architecture can be described as … Read more

How are Doric Columns Different from Ionic Columns?

How are Doric Columns Different from Ionic Columns

Doric columns and Ionic columns are both parts of the ancient Greek architectural orders. These two types of columns have distinct characteristics to help us understand the difference between both orders.  It is apparent in our world today that many buildings all around the globe use this architectural style developed by the … Read more

How are Doric Columns Different from Corinthian Columns?

The differences between Doric and Corinthian columns are more recognizable compared to those of the Ionic columns. Corinthian columns are the most complex among three columns, mainly because of the design of its capital. Although it still shares some similar attributes with the Doric and Ionic orders, the overall appearance of the … Read more

What are the Three Types of Greek Columns?

What are the Three Types of Greek Columns

Greek column is an architectural style developed by the ancient Greek. This style is a significant part of the Greek orders, which mainly refers to Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders. As a part of architectural order, columns have distinct features that make them individually unique.  The three types of columns originated in … Read more

Buildings Using Doric Columns in Africa

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace

Unlike other continents, Africa probably has the least buildings that have Doric columns. Some of those buildings are ancient structures that barely show a memory of the incredible architecture that once was the glory of one’s land. Today, those structures still hold their historical value. Here are some buildings using Doric columns … Read more