The Top Five Kinds Of Solitaire Variants You Need To Know For Your Entertainment


The classic card game of Solitaire has been around for over 200 years, but it will surprise you to know that it is a genre of card game and not a particular game. Over the years, many variations of the game have come and gone. Some of the variants that have become popular and played even today are mentioned below. Also, we will explain to you why Solitaire Masters is the best platform to play Solitaire online.

1.  Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire gets its name because players must fill eight foundation piles to win the game. It refers to the eight legs of a spider. You can play Spider Solitaire with one, two, or four suits based on your choice of difficulty level. You can start by playing the one-suit variant of the game and even earn some money by participating in tournaments. First, you can Spider Solitaire download and master the one suit game. After that, you can quickly learn the other versions.

The game’s objective is to form a set of thirteen cards of the same suit from Ace to King. Each game is time-based and fast-paced. Players can play free practice games or partake in tournaments to win cash rewards. The first player to finish creating descending sequences before the timer runs out wins the game. If no player manages to complete the match, the player with the highest score wins.

2.  Klondike Solitaire

After classic Solitaire, Klondike Solitaire is the most common variant played by millions of people worldwide. Since the game is so common, it is often referred to as just Solitaire. However, the game is known by different names in different countries. For instance, it is called patience in the UK.

The game caught the attention of gamers in the late 19th-century when a gold rush of more than 30,000 people took place in the Canadian region of Klondike. Due to the game’s inclusion in Microsoft Windows, it got a considerable boost.

The game features a primary pile for each suit, a waste pile, a stockpile, and a tableau with alternate color buildings. A standard fifty-two card deck is used for the game without the jokers. The cards are laid out after shuffling in seven piles on the tableau, and each has more cards from left to right. While the first card faces upwards, the rest faces downwards. Likewise, the cards that form the stockpile also face downwards.

The objective is to build sequences from Ace to King according to the suits and fill four foundation piles.

3.  Pyramid

The similarities to the Egyptian pyramids brought the Pyramid Solitaire game alive. In the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 2 in 1991, the game was implemented, and it was called Tut’s Tomb.

In this game, the cards are dealt with in a pyramid structure. There’s one card at the top and seven at the bottom, leading to twenty-eight cards. The remaining cards form the stockpile, and they face downwards.

During the game, pairs of cards are removed if the total to thirteen. Whenever Kings are exposed, they can be removed from the foundation immediately. Players can only remove the cards that are not covered, and you can match stock cards with the exposed cards. If they don’t match, they are discharged to the foundation. The game finishes when no cards are left in the stockpile.

4.  FreeCell

FreeCell is another prevalent Solitaire variant. The game is available on Microsoft, along with a variety of websites and apps, and it is slightly different from Klondike. The game is often called digital Solitaire because it is a numerical and technological-based game. Several formulas calculate how many games, deals, and moves are required to win a game. So, if you’re interested in maths, you’ll love the game.

The game is believed to have originated from the Scandinavian game called Napoleon at St. Helena.

The standard card deck is used for the game, and there are four open cells and foundation piles. There are also a few versions that allow one to ten cells. The cards are dealt into eight cascades, and four of them have seven cards while the others have six cards each. All the cards face upwards. The foundations are built by suit, and players can move any card to build on tableaus.

5.  Scorpion

Scorpion is a variant of Solitaire that is associated with Spider Solitaire. It uses the standard card deck of fifty-two cards and utilizes a 7X7 design of seven columns and seven cards. Out of which, four columns feature three cards that are facing downwards. The cards are built by suit, and only the cards facing upwards are available to play. Players can place any card on top of a card as long as the rank is high. But the cards in the bottom or middle of a column must be moved as a unit. So, for example, you cannot place any card on an ace. If there are no further moves available, the remaining cards are dealt into the three columns, which is how the game continues until you can make moves.

The goal is to make four columns of suits from Ace to King

Besides, there are other variations of Solitaire that you can check out, such as Yukon Solitaire and Forty Thieves. The rules are pretty much the same, with slight twists.

So, these are the Solitaire games that you must know to keep yourself engaged and entertained. All of them can be played online, and some of them offer opportunities to make some side income.

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