Where to buy Doric Columns


Pagliacco Turning and Milling is an excellent source for Doric columns made from wood, fiberglas and other materials. Plaster capitals are also available from Pagliacco. Column shafts may be smooth or fluted. Columns may be ordered in a variety of split configurations so they can wrap around existing posts or fit up against walls.

Pagliacco Turning and Milling is known for high-quality, accurately-produced woodwork. Orders are handled efficiently and delivered on time. An employee-owned company, everyone, from the person who takes your order to the one who packages it for shipment, has a vested interest in making sure your project is done right and delivered on time.

Pagliacco doesn’t cut corners. They make sure that every item that leaves the facility meets high standards of aesthetic beauty. Their products are manufactured to ensure durability and continued performance through the years. Although Pagliacco employees are experts in their field, they continue to study new techniques, new equipment and new materials. They strive to provide you with the best quality building products at the best possible prices.

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